Saving Family Memories in a Pinhole Press Photo Book

I have a tradition of making a yearly photo book to remember the highlights of the past year. Every January I’d sit down and go through the prior year’s photos, choosing the best ones to add into a beautiful photobook. Originally I printed photos but as technology evolved I began to create photo books online instead.

In this digital age, I’ve stopped printing photos, so our family memories exist mostly up in a cloud or on a digital frame. But there really and truly is nothing like looking at printed photos. And the kids simply love looking through the yearly photo albums that I’ve made in the past. Every year they grow so much and every year there’s something new to see that happened in our lives.

Things got hectic and I haven’t made a photo book since the summary book of 2014! So when Pinhole Press got in touch and offered me the opportunity to try their website and create a photo book it felt like fate & I jumped on the opportunity!