Sicily: A Full Immersion in Nature with Children

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Today, I have a guest post for you about bringing the kids to Sicily. How amazing would that be!!? Take it away Mary…

Are your kids so immersed in their own virtual world playing video games, stalking other people on social media sites and overlooking the lunches you prepared for them? Have they been locking themselves in their rooms doing the same things all day long?

Then, how about a holiday with your kids to break the ice? It might help to have an educational holiday, full of engaging and adventurous activities while learning along the way. And, if you’re searching for the perfect destination, Sicily will turn an ordinary holiday more interesting than usual.

The growth of tourism in the island is linked to its diverse array of archeological wonders found in their four beautiful natural parks. The four Sicilian National Parks are the most engaging places to visit due to the various attractions they offer.

If you need further information on Sicily for your family holiday, you can check out on local resources like where you can find some tips on places to visit and activities to do with the family.

Etna National Park Mount Etna is the highest volcano in Europe. A trip up this mountain is superb for active children who want some thrill. There are many organized tours and excursions to the mountain, with available guides to provide the necessary assistance. Tours of the craters are available in jeeps, in buses, by light aircraft, and by foot. There are also numerous cafés and bars but a picnic is much more stimulating for kids, and you will surprisingly find lots of great spots for a panoramic lunch.

Nebrodi National Park This is about majestic trees and dense forests. It provides you with a sense of being with the earth as it is different from the beaches and vast seas that the island is more commonly associated with. There is an abundance of flora and fauna in the unique woods at Mistretta, Monte Pomiere, San Fratello and Mangalaviti as you wander around the vegetation. Some natural rock formations made from chalk are found in the Rocche del Crasto, and there are the grottoes of San Teodoro, too. The earthly vibe is refreshing for both you and your children.

Madonie National Park The place is a scenic view of deep valleys and mighty rocks with areas that are less densely-wooded but not lacking with vegetation. The kids might just love to burn their energy at the Madonie Adventure Park near Petralia Sottana which has outdoor activities like horse riding, archery, mountain biking and obstacle courses too. Go on adventure walks in Piano Pomo to see enormous holly trees as well as to other areas such as Pomieri, Piano Cervi and Madonna dell’Alto.

National Park of Alcantara For teenagers with rather more imagination, this could be fitting for them. This provides you with spectacular gorges of basalt rocks.There is the 20-metre-deep gorge carved out of lava known as the Gole di Alcantar, a river. Follow the path of the radiant waters, arriving at Francavilla from Giardini Naxos. A spectacular variety of flora such as black alders, poplars and oriental plane trees growing along the banks of the river gives it a more natural refreshing beauty.

There are many child-friendly activities you can do with your whole family and many other natural reserves to visit in Sicily, apart from spending wonderful days in its pristine waters. So, start planning one of those Sicily family holidays that will certainly make your children marveling back home and bring you unforgettable memories.


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