Something Different – Some Gift Ideas for Christmas

I have some items I’d like to show you here – these are things I’ve been really really enjoying myself and they’d all make fabulous gifts. AND the first three of these are associated with small & new businesses. I think supporting small business at Christmas is a wonderful thing to do. It’s a gift to the recipient and to the business too.

I’m big into usable gifts this year – items that will actually be used, and loved, not just bought for the sake of it. So without further ado, here are some gift ideas for those of you looking to give something a little different this year…

The Ultimate Cookbook for Home Cooks

Jolene Cox a/k/a One Yummy Mummy has written the ultimate cookbook for the home cook: Family Food Made Easy. One Yummy Mummy is a multi-award-winning Irish food blog. She has brought some of her famous recipes off the blog along with lots of new ones and into a book complete with beautiful photos and easy to follow steps.

What makes Jolene’s recipes so appealing is that they are simple, delicious & wholesome. Forget about using packet curry or ready-made foods when Jolene has simple steps to make curry, burgers, pies, roasts and much much more.


Jolene’s book gives inspiring recipes that use ingredients we already have in the kitchen. This point is so important to me. I don’t like having to go out and buy a pile of ingredients that won’t be used again. Or to try and follow complex steps in a cookbook.

Since buying Family Food Made Easy, a few of the dishes have become regulars in my house. The plates are always cleaned and we are really enjoying trying new recipes. AND my dark chocolate brownie recipe makes an appearance in the book!

Family Food Made Easy is available for purchase from Eason’s & Orpen Press.

Organic Skincare & Stylish Goodies

If you are a fan of organic products like I am, look no further – Notting Hill Daddy has the most amazing array of gifts. NHD has a background in fashion & retail. He has taken his talents to create his own unique brand and has recently launched his website.

I’ve bought his #AgeingSucks serum and perfume oil. I swear by both of them. I’ve seen results already with his face serum and I really adore that all of the ingredients are organic!

NHD products

All NHD natural products are 100% organic and free from synthetic additives, preservatives and fillers. The organic essential oils in NHD products are steam distilled or CO2 extracted and completely hexane free. Each batch is charged and blessed at sunrise in the indigenous tradition.

NHD candles are made with responsibly sourced, organic beeswax and coconut oil, free from paraffin and soya. The NHD face serum contains 17 different botanical and essential oils to regenerate and rebalance the skin.

Check out the NHD website to see his face serum, beard oil, chocolates, perfume oils, candles, jewelry & fashion.

Manly Gift Set for Him

The idea for the Manly Man Company came from the question of what is the equivalent that you can give to men the way you give flowers to women. The answer was beef jerky bouquets! And from there, many manly gifts were born including the manly gift set. Discover more about the various gift set options over on the Manly Man Co website.

Personalized Children’s Books

For little ones, I think a book always makes such a lovely gift! You really can’t go wrong with a good book. And what’s even more fun is a personalized book. We have been sent a few different personalized books over my years of blogging. But the ones that stand out the most are the books we received from Bangon Books.

The stories are really lovely. They are simple stories without too much writing per page. The illustrations are really cute. AND what’s best of all, is you add a photo of your child, your child’s name and a personalized message that’s printed into the book.

bangon books

So the book really and truly is personal just for the child. My kids absolutely adore their books. Bangon Books has a Christmas story out now too.

Get more info and order on the Bangon Books website. If you use discount code discount5 at the checkout you get each book for £12.99 instead of £17.99! It works for multiple books and is reusable. Whoop!

Notice Board

(sponsored) For the friend who has it all – a notice board makes a fab gift. They are so useful to hang up letters from school and to keep track of activities. Especially when there are multiple kids with various activities to keep track of!

The boards over on Teacher Boards are top notch as they are fire retardant, made from 100% recycled materials, environmentally friendly, come in a variety of colours and are made in the UK! I love to buy products locally made as much as possible to support local business.

teacher boards

You can learn more and see the selection of boards over on the Teacher Boards website.

Fingerlings Hugs

We were sent Bella back in the summer. Well, all I can say is she quickly became my little lady’s best friend. She even brought her on holidays to Greece with us. My daughter packed her her very own monkey suitcase complete with a party dress, just in case.

The Fingerlings Hugs dare I say, are even more fun than the original Fingerlings monkeys. They are huggable, make all of the cute Fingerlings sounds and have a record function. When you hold their ear you can speak and the monkey repeats back what you say.

Bella fits in build-a-bear clothing so she now has a great wardrobe too. Here’s Bella, chilling in Greece in her pyjamas…

fingerlings hugs

You can find Fingerlings Hugs in Smyths Toys and other toy stores.

Hair and Nails Vouchers

You can’t go wrong with a voucher for hair or nails. Not only will the recipient use it, but it will also support a local business. If we can make a purchase that stays local it’s twice as nice. And I’m big into getting usable items this year.

If you are in Mayo, I adore KClub for my hair and Tip2Toe for my nails so check them out. 🙂 This is my hair by the way!! Not my nails but I’m loving the look of these for Christmas.

Tip2Toe                                              KClub Hairdressing

So there you have it guys – are you tempted by any of these items?? As you can see, I’m big into usable items this year and supporting small business / local artists as much as possible. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Just to note for those who are wondering about the items mentioned that aren’t marked, I was sent copies of books from Bangon Books and a Fingerling Monkey earlier this year. I am including them in this guide of my own choosing because we love them that much. The NHD products and One Yummy Mummy cookbook I purchased myself. I am a paying customer at KClub & Tip2Toe.

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