Summer 2020 Update

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these posts. What can I say, it’s been pretty busy here! I’d love to hear what you have been up to in the comments, it’s been too long!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook you know we had a comfortable lock down and home school experience. I am still feeling so grateful for that as I know how difficult of a time this is for people all around the world. I am sending you lots of love and strength right now.

Since home school ended we have been enjoying summer holidays here on the farm. Our flight to go home to the USA and visit my family was cancelled and we chose not to travel besides so we are making the most of exploring local. It’s been wonderful for the kids and all of us to see friends and family again and to have interactions back.

We are looking to back to school now, organizing and wondering how everything will be managed in the schools. For back to school we were sent some amazing shoes and I have a pair to giveaway to one of you lovely lot too, it’s under the “treads shoes” section below.

I’ve been working on revamping my site, with an updated header and menu bars. I’m also super excited to announce my first product – energetic bracelets. As well as tell you more about my energetic therapy services.

If you have any questions for me please pop them in the comments or get in touch!

Energy Therapy Sessions

Lock down has given us all the opportunity for personal growth if we choose to take that on board. For me it has been a time of self reflection and development. I came forward with my spiritual awakening story and ever since have been transforming my online presence.

I transformed as a person four years ago and continue to transform daily so it is really refreshing for me to bring my online content into alignment with who I am in life.

While I will still always cover family lifestyle here, I’m super excited to have a page dedicated to my energy therapy services.

In a nutshell, energy therapy addresses our energetic body and connection with our higher self, Source and the angels. I offer energy healings which cleanse our chakras, remove attachments and strengthen our connection with the angels.

I also offer angel readings where I connect to the angels with your questions and they can give guidance and messages to you, through me.

I must say that this is the most rewarding and exciting work I’ve ever done in my life. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to be out there as the real me and to have lovely client bookings and sessions each day.

Grab more info on my energy therapy page or contact me with any questions or to book a private session.

Energetic Bracelets

I have always had a huge fondness for gemstone crystals, they hold so much amazing energy, healing properties and are such gifts for our frequency and personal growth. With that in mind, I have started making and selling energetic bracelets.

My bracelets are all made from Grade A, natural gemstones and either sterling silver or rose gold plated accent beads. I have a process for bracelet creation where I clear the gemstones which returns them to purity, then I attune them our Guardian Angel’s energy, the energy of the 7 Rays of Light and the corresponding Archangel of Divine Holy Light associated with each Ray.

Next up, Light Codes and activations are added from Atlantis, higher consciousness and from all around Earth. These Light Codes will awaken the Light Codes that exist in you when you wear your bracelet. These codes are stored in my personal crystals and transfer to the bracelets over the course of 3 days.

Every bracelet is given a unique name by the angels and comes with a typed page that explains their unique properties, and chakra and angelic connections that are enhanced with your bracelet.

Bracelets can be made to any wrist size, and are suitable for women, men and children. You can choose your gemstone and accent beads for a custom piece or opt for a channeled bracelet.

To create channeled bracelets, I tune into your higher self, angels and your energetic team to choose the gemstones and beads for healing, personal growth and support.

Learn more and shop energetic bracelets.

Treads Shoes (gifted)

With back to school coming around shortly, we are getting organized. Shoes is one of the major back to school purchases for us. I’ve had years that the shoes only last a few months so when Treads emailed me offering to send shoes with a 12 month guarantee, I was absolutely thrilled.

A 12 month guarantee is certainly an expression of their confidence in their materials and craftsmanship which is something you really don’t see anymore. Treads are created in a special way using a mould instead of gluing, which creates a strong bond and offers flexibility for kids to run around too.

The shoes come with a removable orange foot bed to convert to a wider option which also gives more depth, which I’m betting will get more life out of the shoes for a longer fit.

For my oldest who is starting secondary school, we went with the Treads Brooklyn trainer style school shoe.

And for little miss, she chose Treads Adelaide t-bar leather school shoes. Both pairs have a comfy padded inside.

Treads Shoes Features

  1. Leather

  2. Breathable and water resistant

  3. Reinforced heals and seams

  4. Scuff proof

  5. Shock absorbing insole

  6. Wipe clean surface

  7. Removable foot bed

  8. Texon board to reinforce sole and wick away moisture

I bought shoes online from a different website and we ended up with such a bad fit. So one of the things I find excellent about the Treads shopping experience is that you can print out a foot measuring page which we did. It ensured that the shoes that arrived are both the right fit, with some room for growth.

I will keep you guys posted on how the shoes wear but for now we couldn’t be happier with the quality, ease of ordering and stylish designs which gets a thumbs up for both kids.

Treads School Shoes Giveaway

Enter to win a pair of school shoes from Treads. Giveaway closes at 11.59pm on the 12th August. Open to residents of Ireland & UK only.


Lottie Doll (gifted)

Our friends at Lottie Doll sent Little Miss their Choose Kindness Lottie. I’ve worked with Lottie a few times but if you have missed them, Lottie Doll is an Irish company making dolls inspired by real kids. We are big fans of them because the dolls are realistic in body shape and clothing.

Lottie Dolls strive to set a good example for kids by showing diversity and positive messages. Lottie Dolls goals are to encourage kids to be kids, to be themselves and to have fun. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that.

The Choose Kindness Lottie Doll is no different in her message and reminder to be kind always. And that is really what the world so desperately needs right now!

When Little Miss first got glasses, Lottie Dolls set her their doll who wears glasses and wow what a difference that made to help her self esteem. Having dolls with diversity is so important. Pop over to the Lottie Doll website to learn more.

Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a fab summer. If you entered the back to school shoes giveaway, good luck! xx

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