Summer Salad

It’s summer and to me that means eating delicious summer salads! My summer salads tend to be a mix of whatever’s in the refrigerator. I love trying new combinations of veggies and fruits.It’s my favourite lunch when the weather is nice. And especially when strawberries are back in season locally. They are a real favourite in my house!

We go through a lot of strawberries over the summer so I was delighted to come across this handy gadget a few years ago. It is a tomato corer, which I’ve actually never used on tomatoes! It is the handiest little tool for taking the stem off strawberries.  It’s a real time saver and cuts down on waste.

The Salad Plate Featured Contains:

A Scoop of Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Leftover Pasta & Tuna

Some Red Pepper slices

Mixed Lettuce with herbs, tomatoes, olives, seeds, scallions, and slices of apples & strawberries.

Topped off with some balsamic vinegar and freshly crushed black pepper.

The strawberries add so much flavour to the salad and go really nicely with the balsamic vinegar!

What do you enjoy on your summer salads? Do you have any fun kitchen gadgets to share?

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