Summer Salad

It’s summer and to me that means eating delicious summer salads! My summer salads tend to be a mix of whatever’s in the refrigerator. I love trying new combinations of veggies and fruits.It’s my favourite lunch when the weather is nice. And especially when strawberries are back in season locally. They are a real favourite in my house!

We go through a lot of strawberries over the summer so I was delighted to come across this handy gadget a few years ago. It is a tomato corer, which I’ve actually never used on tomatoes! It is the handiest little tool for taking the stem off strawberries.  It’s a real time saver and cuts down on waste.

The Salad Plate Featured Contains:

A Scoop of Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Leftover Pasta & Tuna

Some Red Pepper slices

Mixed Lettuce with herbs, tomatoes, olives, seeds, scallions, and slices of apples & strawberries.

Topped off with some balsamic vinegar and freshly crushed black pepper.

The strawberries add so much flavour to the salad and go really nicely with the balsamic vinegar!