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Summer Update – Half Way Through the Holidays

The summer is flying by, we are already at the halfway point!! I just wanted to update you with what we have been up to.

For those of you who missed it, my oldest hurt his knee and was casted after the first week of the summer holidays. We have learned a lot of positive lessons from the experience.

Happily, my son’s cast came off last week which has given him and us a lot more freedom. He has a thin support over his knee and is walking with just one crutch! The doctors were delighted with his quick progress. And of course, so are we!!

To celebrate the cast coming off and being able to go do something, we let the kids pick what we would do on Sunday – anything they wanted. They immediately formed a huddle so we couldn’t hear their plotting! Can you believe that??

They planned out a really lovely day for us. We went swimming for a few hours and then out for dinner. The kids had pizzas and I had a delicious calzone. I haven’t actually had a calzone since I lived in NY so it brought back a lot of memories!!

It was fantastic to be out and about as a family again. And it’s so heartwarming to see the 3 kids playing outside together again! We are so grateful the accident wasn’t worse than it was and that he is getting around so well again. Sure, he can’t play soccer yet but he is the manager training his brother and sister and the 3 of them are having a blast.

On the blog front, I have some fun items coming for back to school for the kiddies. And a few reviews coming your way too. My summer giveaways are in full swing with 3 BIG prize bundles up for grabs. Get full details and enter here – Giveaways 2018.

I have been running my new positivity Twitter chat, #PositivityCorner, every Monday from 9-10pm Brittish / Irish time (that’s 4pm EST). And it’s taking off so well. We have been trending every week! It’s amazing to spread positivity like this. If you are on Twitter, I’d love for you to join in!

How is your summer going?? xx

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