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Taking Care of Wild Birds

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For my birthday last year, my son bought me a bird feeder. We placed it in our backyard in view of the kitchen window. So many little birdies visit the feeder each day. It’s amazing how many birds we see at the feeder that we never would have seen before.

It’s really enjoyable to watch the birdies, especially when the baby birds are learning to fly! The parent birds escort them to the feeder. The baby stays on the ground and the parent bird flies down to feed them.

Feeding the birds has also been great for the kids to see. Our daughter calls them our birdie friends and they really are! There’s a great feeling from helping the wild birds by providing regular, appropriate food for them.

Trago has put together an infographic that shows how we can help the wild birds. I learned that I need to get a table to attract some new birdies to the backyard. I was wondering why we never saw Robins and now I know! They prefer tables or the ground to hanging feeders.

It’s become a fun family routine to fill the bird feeder and watch them from the window. Do you see any of these birds where you live? Let me know in the comments!


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