Teaching by Example

As my children grow up, it’s amazing to see my behaviors and sayings mimicked in the way they interact with each other. They are soaking up everything I say and do like a sponge! For that reason, I try my best to set a good example for them to copy.

Teaching by Example:

Good Manners:  I started saying please and thank you to my kids as babies.  When they grow up hearing good manners, it becomes natural for them. I love to hear my kids say please and thank you to each other while they play. Of course, they don’t always remember, but it’s becoming a natural part of their vocabulary.

Treat Others With Respect: It’s important that my children treat others with respect. To promote that, I speak to them with respect and encourage them to speak to each other nicely and with understanding. When I’m saying something important, I make eye contact. I get down to my child’s level. That helps them absorb what I’m saying and it’s much more effective than shouting from across the room. Plus, it’s teaching them to speak to others in a calm and understanding way. Now, it’s not to say that I don’t raise my voice occasionally. When I do, my kids really take notice because it’s not something they are used to hearing.

Gratefulness: Rather than wanting more all of the time, I’d like my children to be happy with what they have. I explain to my kids about being grateful. I try to set an example of gratefulness for them to follow. Teaching gratefulness is a work in progress in my house.

Making the effort to set a good example for my children to copy, has helped me to become a more positive and grateful person. I feel like my children are the ones teaching me. I have learned so much through them!


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