Teaching by Example

As my children grow up, it’s amazing to see my behaviors and sayings mimicked in the way they interact with each other. They are soaking up everything I say and do like a sponge! For that reason, I try my best to set a good example for them to copy.

Teaching by Example:

Good Manners:  I started saying please and thank you to my kids as babies.  When they grow up hearing good manners, it becomes natural for them. I love to hear my kids say please and thank you to each other while they play. Of course, they don’t always remember, but it’s becoming a natural part of their vocabulary.

Treat Others With Respect: It’s important that my children treat others with respect. To promote that, I speak to them with respect and encourage them to speak to each other nicely and with understanding. When I’m saying something important, I make eye contact. I get down to my child’s level. That helps them absorb what I’m saying and it’s much more effective than shouting from across the room. Plus, it’s te