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One of the biggest concerns among parents is helping their child to nap & sleep the night. Sleep issues aren’t just for babies, they can continue into toddlerhood & beyond. Many children stop sleeping at one stage or another & as a result, mom & dad don’t sleep either. I’ve recently been introduced to a great sleep resource for parents called The Baby Sleep Site.

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Baby Sleep Site Products & Services

The Baby Sleep Site offers a range of products & services to tailor a sleep schedule for your child. They have Free Resources which includes articles, guides & sample sleep schedules. There is also the Do it Yourself* option where you may purchase books & access to the Members Area.

The Members Area* has an amazing selection of resources including access to all of their articles, e-books, custom schedule generator & the members chat room where you can get help from a sleep consultant. The Members Area is recommended if you are interested in any of the following:

Night weaning

Sleep options for parents of multiples

Newborn sleep & feeding

No-cry solutions

Maintaining sleep schedules across multiple caregivers

Transitioning sleep schedules & sleep schedules during travel

For a one on one, specialized plan for your child, the Baby Sleep Site offers consulting services. You communicate with a sleep expert either via email or over the phone. They make a program specifically for your child based on your needs & beliefs. They work with both no-cry & cry it out solutions.

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The 5-Step System to Better Toddler Sleep

The site isn’t’ just for babies, there are books, articles, schedules & expert consultations for toddlers as well. Because my baby is 30 months old, I had a good look at the toddler resources & found them extremely useful.

The Tired Parent’s 5-Step System to better Toddler Sleep gives schedules for toddlers to follow including eating, napping, going to bed & waking up times. It also has suggestions on dealing with night waking due to nightmares & also no-mares as they call it where the child doesn’t have a bad dream. There’s advice on helping your toddler to sleep alone. They give a range of techniques to help your toddler fall asleep & stay asleep. Some involve crying & others have minimal to no crying or using teethers. I love that this site realizes that all kids & families are different & require different approaches.

On a Personal Note

My second & third babies didn’t’ sleep the night until they turned 2-years-old & stopped napping. That meant years of sleepless nights for myself & my husband. I googled sleep solutions, bought books & talked to friends. Despite all of that, nothing consistently worked.

Our son woke several times a night & would not go back to sleep. Our daughter didn’t wake as much as our son, but when she woke she wouldn’t settle again & I often ended up bringing her into bed with us. If I had known about The Baby Sleep Site I definitely would have utilized their resources. A good nights sleep is so important for parents & kiddies alike!

Giveaway CLOSED

I’m delighted to host a giveaway compliments of The Baby Sleep Site. The winner will receive a copy of The Tired Parent’s 5-Step System to better Toddler Sleep book & a $25 Amazon gift card!!

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To Enter the competition, choose from the options below. You may choose as many entries as you like. You may send a tweet every day. Good luck!

Please Note: This competition is open worldwide for the ebook & for the gift card, to anywhere Amazon can be accessed. This competition closes at midnight GMT on October 12, 2015. The winner will be randomly selected by the Gleam app. The winner will be announced on October 13th via email & Cuddle Fairy’s Facebook page.

Disclosure: I was very kindly sent a copy of The Tired Parent’s 5-Step System to better Toddler Sleep book & one months access to the Members Area for review, however all thoughts & opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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