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The Benefits of Sports in Schools

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In most schools across the UK, schoolchildren receive at least one hour per week of P.E lessons. Your child might not be the biggest fan of sport, but these lessons serve a purpose and will benefit your child in the long run.

There are many reasons why the provision of a physical education is important for school children. Of course, one of the most obvious benefits is the fact that it promotes good health and fitness, but it also allows youngsters to develop a range of key character traits that will support their progression in other areas of life. I have teamed up with a private girls’ school in London to discuss the benefits of sports in further detail below.

Encourages Socialisation & Teamwork

In normal classroom environments, children are given little opportunity to develop social skills, such as working as a team. P.E lessons, on the other hand, provide children with the chance to support one another and work as a group to achieve a common goal.

When children build strong relationships with their peers, not just the people they choose to hang out with on their lunch break, they may feel more comfortable engaging in classroom discussions or dealing with other social situations.

There are many beneficial sports for kids to take part in, including soccer, basketball, tennis, dodgeball, playing catch and so on. Choosing sports with minimum equipment can be helpful for the school and encourage the most amount of kids to take part. Playing tennis only requires a Tennis Racquet and ball so it is a wonderful and easy option for kids to take part in.

Boosts Confidence

When children score a goal or achieve a new personal best in some sort of sporting activity, they are given a well-deserved confidence boost and a sense of pride. When their parents cheer them on at the sidelines or they receive a trophy/medal for their performance, their self-esteem skyrockets.

Even if they don’t win a match or don’t perform as well as they might have liked, they will receive constructive criticism from their coach/teacher, who will help them improve next time. Confidence is important because it's what allows children to believe in themselves, take risks and try new things.

Relieves Stress

Exercise is not only important for one’s physical health, but also for their mental well-being. With that said, P.E lessons are great for relieving stress and giving children a break from the challenges of normal school life, such as exams or friendship problems.

Generally speaking, children have loads of energy and sport is a great way for them to burn it off, which cannot be achieved if they spend all day sitting at a desk. More often than not, children will return to the classroom after a P.E lesson feeling refreshed and ready to learn.


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