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The Best Zip and Link Mattresses in 2023

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Zip & link beds are two small single or single beds which can be zipped together to create a larger bed, creating a modular sleeping space for two people.

The main benefit of zip & link beds is their flexibility, allowing you to easily switch between multiple sleeping options depending on the circumstances, such as twin beds or a king bed, making them ideal for guest rooms.

As with all beds, comfort levels are determined by the mattress, and there are hundreds of options out there offering a great night’s sleep.

When choosing a mattress for a zip & link bed, remember that two small single mattresses make a king-size bed, while two singles make a super king bed.

You should also consider the following:

  • The mattress’s technology (e.g., hybrid).

  • Motion isolation technology to reduce partner disturbance.

  • Thickness and quality of comfort layers.

  • Type and quality of springs.

  • High-quality fabrics and outer covers.

  • Overall value for money.

This article reveals the best zip & link mattresses in 2023.

Let’s jump in!

Giltedge Beds Sussex

  • Price: £379.

  • Firmness: Medium firm.

The Giltedge Beds Sussex (pictured above) is our most affordable zip and link mattress, comprising two 25cm mattresses with open coils and synthetic fibre comfort layers. It offers excellent support for back sleepers and people over 200 lbs.

We love the soft, tufted outer cover and firm edge-to-edge support, which lets you use the entire mattress without feeling like you’ll roll off.

Giltedge Beds Topaz

Pictured: Giltedge Beds Topaz Zip & Link 5FT Kingsize Mattress. Available from Bedstar.

  • Price: £399.

  • Firmness: Medium.

Ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers, the Giltedge Beds Topaz combines open coil springs with memory foam for deep pressure relief. The Bonnell springs deliver excellent motion isolation, ensuring minimal partner disturbance.

The Giltedge Topaz is more forgiving than the Sussex, making it an excellent choice for grandchildren or people with joint pain.

Giltedge Beds Chatsworth

Pictured: Giltedge Beds Chatsworth Zip & Link 6FT Superking Mattress. Available from Bedstar.

  • Price: £449.

  • Firmness: Medium.

The Giltedge Beds Chatsworth has 1,000 pocket springs for greater motion isolation and zoned support versus open coil springs. It has synthetic fibre comfort layers and a damask outer cover that oozes luxury.

If you want to give guests a more refined sleep experience, the Chatsworth will do a better job than the Topaz or Sussex beds.

Giltedge Beds Premier Rest

Pictured: Giltedge Beds Premier Rest Zip & Link 6FT Superking Mattress. Available from Bedstar.

  • Price: £699.

  • Firmness: Medium.

Stepping up to the mid-premium price range, the Giltedge Beds Premier Rest has a thick pillowtop with natural fillings and a damask outer cover for supreme comfort. It’s soft and squishy, with extremely high comfort levels.

With 1,000 pocket springs and edge-to-edge support, the Premier Rest is a fantastic choice for a long-lasting, supportive guest bed.

Giltedge Beds Indulgence 1500

  • Price: £879.

  • Firmness: Medium.

The Giltedge Beds Indulgence 1500 is a premium zip & link mattress with dual-density Floatex comfort layers for support and cushioning. It also boasts 1,500 pocket springs and a highly breathable 3D border.

The Tencel knit fabric cover is super-soft and helps wick moisture away from you, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep in all weather.

Pictured: Giltedge Beds Indulgence 1500 Zip & Link 6FT Superking Mattress. Available from Bedstar.

Sleepeezee Jessica 1800

Pictured: Sleepeezee Jessica 1800 Zip & Link 6FT Superking Mattress. Available from Bedstar.

  • Price: £1,099.

  • Firmness: Firm.

To give guests superior comfort, look no further than the Sleepeezee Jessica 1800. It has 1,800 pocket springs, 3cm of memory foam, and 60mm of Staycool gel to dissipate body heat and keep guests super-comfortable.

This is an award-winning mattress, scooping up the Which? Best Buy in June 2020, thanks to its outstanding cushioning and support levels.

Sleepeezee G3

  • Price: £1,299.

  • Firmness: Medium.

The Sleepeezee G3 is the most expensive zip & link mattress we sell, but it’s worth it with 3,200 SoftTech and pocket springs, 40mm of breathable graphite memory foam, and fibre and soft foam fillings to contour to your body.

Pictured: Sleepeezee G3 Memory Zip & Link 6FT Superking Mattress. Available from Bedstar.

At 28cm thick, the Sleepeezee G3 is a substantial zip & link mattress ideally suited to luxury guest rooms, hotels, lodges, and B&Bs.

If you enjoyed this article, discover the five benefits of zip & link beds.


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