The Power of Kindness

It’s my pleasure to publish the first guest post in The Happiness Series by Emily Beckloff – from International Elf Service. Emily shares this touching post that highlights the power of kindness. If you are unfamiliar with Emily’s blog, do check it out. She has delicious recipes & gorgeous Christmas letters.

The Power of Kindness by Emily Beckloff

I’m not just talking about the everyday kindness of taking in someone’s parcel if it’s delivered while they’re out, but the ‘going well and above’ and the ‘bowling me over’ type of kindness. The sort you never knew you needed hoped you never needed, where people drop everything that you know is important to them, to come and help. Or the other desperately needed sort where life throws up something shocking and they quietly put time aside each day for you, for days or weeks on end and are just there for you, either in person or by email or text. They slip in and slip out of your days, always there ready to catch you when you feel you’re falling.

One thing I’ve learnt about myself is, I find it extremely difficult to ask for help or support and even more difficult to accept it! I would always rather battle on myself than bother other people to give up their precious time and put themselves out. Does this sound familiar to anyone??

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