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Tips for Decorating Kids Bedrooms

The bedroom is where we rest and relax. It’s where we store your personal goods and it’s our private sanctuary in which we customize perfectly to our liking. Unlike other rooms in our own home, it can be one-hundred percent ours and a room that only we may enter. For children, this is much more the case, as it is the only spot in the world that is theirs. It is the place they feel safe and will play, learn and sleep. Making sure the room is right for your child is a lot of work, but also a lot of fun, and it will make your children happy. Here are a few tips for decorating kids bedrooms. To make your shopping experience much easier, check out

Being Prepared

Before you start working on your son or daughter’s bedroom, you should do some planning first. There are a number of approaches to take and things to do. The first step is to think about themes. There’s a good chance your child will be passionate about something, such as space, dinosaurs, princesses, animals, superheroes and more. You could theme the bedroom around these ideas, such as murals, paintings, licensed goods and so on. Also, think about the colour of the room and what you want to focus on. Picking two colours will help keep things balanced, but you could go the opposite for a wide mixture of colour.

Getting Them Involved

As it’s your child’s room that you are working on, it’s important to get their input. Your child will likely have some ideas and preferences, so getting them on board early can make things easy. You can ask what colours they like, let them look through catalogs and websites with you, pick things in stores and more. This can help a child feel grown up and maybe build some personality for the room.

tips for decorating kids bedrooms


Every kid will have lots of clothes, toys, books, games and what not, and they can get everywhere. A house with a child can be one full of clutter but you can beat this. Thinking carefully about the storage options you have in the bedroom will help keep things tidy. Shelves, cupboard, boxes, baskets and more are all possibilities. You can colour code containers for certain items, making things into a game. The more you have, the tidier things can be. Baskets and toy chests will make things easy, as anything can be placed in without any fuss.


Naturally, the bed is an important part of decorating the room and it should be something ideal for your child. You will want something that fits, is comfy and safe. Kids always love bunk beds, so you could get one for your child. Even if they have the room to themselves a bunk bed with a desk, cupboard or whatever is a great idea. A large bed can be fun for a child, so if you have the space it’s something to consider. Guests beds are another option, as they can be used when your child is having a sleepover or you just want some extra space.


A child will want their room to be interesting and lively. It’s not just a practical place where they sleep as they will play here and you want it to be stimulating. You can add pictures to the walls, hang up toys on wires such as airplanes, display their favourites on shelves, paint patterns on things and much more. This will help make the bedroom tailored perfectly for your kids and ensure they have a fun and safe place to sleep and play.


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