Tips to decorate the room of a growing child

With the assistance of wallpaper from the 70s

Redecorating the rooms of your house is both a fun activity and a necessity. Sometimes you decorate simply because you are tired of the same old look of a specific room, other times however redecorating is something that simply needs to be done as the old décor won’t simply do any longer.

In this second category fall certainly the room of your child. Unlike most other inhabitants of your abode, children grow up fast, way too fast and that beautiful décor you picked with so much care in what it seems like yesterday, is no longer fitting to the burgeoning interests and sense of style of your growing kid.

Luckily there are ways to “upgrade” your kids’ room without having to throw away all the furniture and accessory. Sure, you might have to update the bed and the desk to fit his or her growing limbs, but to give it a fresh look you can simply add some wallpaper to give it a completely new look.

Wallpaper used to be a staple in most houses in the golden era of the 70s but it has recently come back to fashion, partly thanks to the progress of technology that has brought new materials and flexibility to this wonderful décor.

Compared to wall painting, wallpaper offers an incredible amount of variety, when it comes to motives and textures. I am going to share with you a few models that might inspire you. Remember to involve your kid in the decision. Picking a wallpaper that fits your child’s growing needs and interests is a sure way to make him or her happy!

Toddlers years

Before your kid’s arrival, you might have entertained the idea that the wall décor you picked would last years. Maybe you chose the classic light and soft pastel colours and for the first few months that is an excellent choice. In those month’s the baby’s eyes cannot really focus, so a soft uniform colour is a great pick. Your child, however, doesn’t stand still and before you know he’ll start first crawling, then walking, exploring the world around him. This is the time to offer his or her curious eyes something interesting to look at.

I personally love this wallpaper called My favourite animals, which depicts beautiful drawings of all animals. It provides your kid with endless details to focus his attention. Children love animals and tend to have a great interest in their lifestyle and natural environment. This is a good thing that you can try to foster with this wallpaper representing colourful animals.

What I love is that the name of each animal is written clearly below each picture, helping your little kid in starting to associate a written word to the image. There is also a cool little game you can do with this paper to help your child fall asleep. It is something I did with my daughter and it always worked. She pointed the animals out and we greeted them together, so that she learns their names while calming down. A few greetings and her eyes started to close! A wallpaper can become a good ally and a friend to greet before going to bed!

A growing child

Before you know, your kid is no longer a toddler but a fully-grown schoolkid. He has his own passions and interests now and gone are the days where you could pick the décor for his room alone. Nope, it is now time to involve him in the choice of wallpaper before you embark in your redecorating project.

Luckily the choice of wallpaper for kids available on the market is richer than ever. Between the many patterns, styles and colours, there is a lot of choice from, including vintage wallpaper. You could, for example, try to combine your fashion sensibility with something that will surely make a young boy very happy by choosing a vintage wallpaper depicting the covers of classic Marvel Comics? Called 1960s Marvel Comic, it is something that will see no boy complaining about redecorating the room.

Keeping the same style, but with a theme that could appeal also the girls, I really like a wallpaper that follows a similar approach, depicting classic pre-war Mickey Mouse characters.

The wallpaper 1930s Mickey and Minnie is an instant classic and is the model my own daughter picked for her room as she grew up.

These are just some ideas, but there is a world of wallpapers out there that will make both you and your kid happy. Go explore!

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