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Toilet Training Day 2

Here we are at day 2. Day 1 was a loooong day. If you missed yesterday’s post, you can catch up on what happened here.  To sum it up, my 27-month-old daughter began toilet training yesterday. Unfortunately, no wee went into the toilet. It went everywhere else in the house, but not in the toilet. She went through countless trousers and knickers – by the afternoon she was wearing one or the other – laundry rations were in effect lol.

photo2 (2)

With my two sons, I waited until they were nearly 3 years old. I set a timer and brought them to the toilet every half hour or so. I gave them plenty to drink but took note of the times they drink. I kept track of how long after they drank until they would pee, and adjusted the timer accordingly. We have a potty that sits on the toilet and they were both happy to go there. There received a treat and sticker on their sticker chart for a successful wee. By the end of Day 1, we had made some progress – some pee was getting in the toilet.

I used the same method with my daughter yesterday with no success. There are a few differences with her. First, she’s younger than her brothers were. Second, she doesn’t have a lot of words yet. Third, she seems to pee every couple of minutes. The boys didn’t do that. It’s impossible to guess when she’s going to go again. For example, I put her on the toilet yesterday then she peed 30 seconds after coming off it. She got new knickers, then peed in them 3 minutes later.

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Today I took our toilet potty and adjusted it for the floor (I don’t have the instructions anymore, it’s definitely not right but it’s stable so it’s ok by me!). The potty is in the sitting room, and we had two successful tinkles into it this morning! Hurray! There was also two gigantic pees on the floor, but it’s still progress. As I’m typing this post, she was sitting on the potty. She got off, went into the hall & peed on the floor then came back in. This toilet training is not fun for anyone!

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories & advice with me yesterday. I’d love to hear more today!


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