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Top three timeless World Book Day characters with reading resources for all year round

With 74% of parents who took part in the recent Kiddi Caru World Book Day survey revealing that they were looking forward to the literary event, we’re sure that the special day panned out to be just as magical as predicted. What’s more, a further 52% of parents predicted that their children were expected to wear a costume on that special day. What was your child’s costume of choice, and how did you come about selecting it? Well, fortunately for parents, there are a wide range of World Book Day reading lists available on the internet that we’re sure you used to your advantage this year, and will continue to refer back to ahead of next year’s event.

To give you an idea of who remained on top this World Book Day, read on as we talk about all things costumes, narratives and iconic characters.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one of those delightfully easy costumes, that’s almost always a recognisable winner – gaining 30% of the vote for most popular character in the aforementioned survey. J.K. Rowling’s world-famous book and the subsequent film franchise is a no-brainer as inspiration for World Book Day, and it’s also a great option to get your child interested in reading.

Across seven books, Rowling illustrates multiple key themes that can act as teaching points between you and your child. Some of the most applicable themes are:

  1. Friendship

  2. Death

  3. Love

  4. Choice and Free Will

Depending on the age of your child, you may want to approach these topics in different ways – it’s entirely up to you. Straying away from the more serious takeaways, the Harry Potter series is also a great tool to encourage imagination from your child through the magic of the stories. If you’re looking to extend your World Book Day activities outside of your child’s scheduled schooling, there are a whole host of online and downloadable resources on offer here.

Disney Princesses

Coming in as the second most popular World Book Day option, Disney Princesses received a whopping 23% of the vote from surveyed parents. In particular, voters predicted that Elsa from Frozen was set to be the top choice, despite the film franchise’s latest release being back in 2019, with the original film phenomenon hitting our screens as far back as 2015. With princesses often being blacklisted from World Book Day, it appears that they’re being more widely accepted as the years go on – after all, you can find a book version of almost all of the classic princess tales.

Disney princesses can be another great way to teach your children some valuable life lessons, as well as encouraging them to read more in their downtime. There’s a lot of routes you can go down with these stories as there’s a princess for almost every situation, including: rags to riches, how to deal with not fitting in, patience and even conflict resolution – thanks to the fan favourite franchise Frozen. You can also lean on some World Book Day resources to help you get your child more involved in reading.


The Superhero character can be rather controversial when it comes to World Book Day, with 32% of parents admitting that they feel as though these super figures aren’t really appropriate for the literary event. However, 68% thought they were, with a further 17% of respondents even going as far as saying they thought that characters from both the DC and Marvel universe were going to be the most popular choice this year! But, were they right?

Whether these super characters made an appearance at your World Book Day, they can be used to get children more interested in reading all year round. Teaching them about being different and how these differences can be used to their advantage, superheroes are a creative representation for these lessons. If you need a little bit of help to get your child involved, then there are loads of online resources on offer, which will also help you keep that World Book Day magic going even after the big day.


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