What I Wore to #BML16

This was the question that plagued me for months – what to wear to #BML16. Oh, I went back & forth & back & forth. Basically driving myself crazy. Part of my dilemma was that this was the first year I attended & I had no idea how dressy people got. And I was a finalist & didn’t want to look bad on the off chance that I won. The other part of my dilemma came from the fact that I flew over on Ryanair & was determined to only bring a carry-on bag.

It wasn’t just the Saturday of #BML16 to consider – there were other events over the weekend too like the fringe party Friday night & visiting my family on Sunday. I could have had countless outfit changes but I was determined to stick with my carry on bag only plan.

But then I read a post talking about all of the goodies & getting them home. Then I realized I needed a carry-on bag with room left in it! I’d have to be strategic! Things would have to go with other things, not too many shoes. I’d have to make decisions. I can’t bring outfit choices. And I had to choose out of my closet, as a new outfit wasn’t in the budget.

So, this is what I came up with. After getting official Twitter approval from my blogger posse, I decided on this favorite dress of mine for #BML16. I also decided that I would not be getting changed in the evening. One outfit – all day – job done.