Where are the negative reviews??

I’ve been asked this type of question several times so I’ve decided to write a short blog post explaining why there aren’t any negative reviews on Cuddle Fairy.

As you probably know, Cuddle Fairy is all about positivity. Having a positive mindset and looking at the bright side of life is what my blog focuses on. I take that positivity into my reviews as well. I’m really not interested in writing any negative reviews because it’s not what Cuddle Fairy is about.

I make a point to share products & places to stay that we genuinely love! Many of the reviews on Cuddle Fairy are for products that I have been using for years and are happy with.

If we haven’t used a product before, I research the product’s website. I read ingredients & I consider if it’s something I’d buy myself and if it’s something I think would be valuable for my readers to learn about.