Your Health is Your Wealth

Today marks two full weeks since the flu first invaded our house. It started with our 8-year-old then moved to my husband. Our daughter turned 3 last weekend & we postponed her birthday party with family to yesterday. Unfortunately, the birthday girl started the flu & passed it onto her 6-year-old` brother. Now EVERYONE is sick. I woke up today with a sore throat & the chills so I’m afraid I won’t escape this one either. The postponed birthday party has been canceled.

The flu has been picking us off one by one. It starts with a high temperature – which lasts for days. There’s a nasty cough, runny nose, body ache, & tiredness. The littlest two have been waking up at night & our son has spiked a really high fever. It’s so worrying.

Having everyone sick has made me reflect on how difficult it is for people who are ill all of the time & housebound all of the time. When we are healthy & everything is working well, I don’t think about how lucky we are. It ta