Your Health is Your Wealth

Today marks two full weeks since the flu first invaded our house. It started with our 8-year-old then moved to my husband. Our daughter turned 3 last weekend & we postponed her birthday party with family to yesterday. Unfortunately, the birthday girl started the flu & passed it onto her 6-year-old` brother. Now EVERYONE is sick. I woke up today with a sore throat & the chills so I’m afraid I won’t escape this one either. The postponed birthday party has been canceled.

The flu has been picking us off one by one. It starts with a high temperature – which lasts for days. There’s a nasty cough, runny nose, body ache, & tiredness. The littlest two have been waking up at night & our son has spiked a really high fever. It’s so worrying.

Having everyone sick has made me reflect on how difficult it is for people who are ill all of the time & housebound all of the time. When we are healthy & everything is working well, I don’t think about how lucky we are. It takes something to go wrong to appreciate when things are right.

When our son broke his finger, it made me realize how lucky we are when our fingers & bodies work! That we can walk, eat, run & all the rest. So this week I want to focus on health & being grateful for good health. I hope the flu leaves our house soon & we return to good health.

The Buddha quote above sums up what’s important in life perfectly – Health, Contentment & Faithfulness.

Now, to lighten the mood I have a couple quotes that take a funnier look at health. Love this…

your health is your wealth 2

Too bad wine & laughing can’t fight off this flu!!

Are you guilty of the five-second rule in your house? I’ll admit that sometimes we are. I grew up blowing on the fallen piece of food & kissing it up to God then carry on eating. Now, if the floor is rotten or we are out of the house we don’t eat food that fell on the floor!

I started wondering where the five-second aspect of the rule came from? Do the germs know to wait five-seconds before they latch on? lol

your health is your wealth 1

Your Health is Your Wealth.

Your body is your most precious possession. Take care of it. For women, it can be challenging to find the time to exercise but there are programs out there developed with women in mind. They are simple to use and easy to follow, click this page to get some ideas.

Has your house been by the flu this year? Do you follow any exercise program?


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