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Autumn in Italy – My Dream Vacation

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On the top of my places to travel list is Italy. I’ve wanted to go there for years. I had a trip to France and Switzerland for my 21st birthday. And Italy was also on the itinerary but due to airline strikes, I didn’t make it. And have always felt like I missed out! Italy is a country that I feel so close to and every time I see Italy my heart wishes I could go visit.

Now that we have three kids, I’d love to bring them to Italy so we can experience it together as a family. A dream vacation for many would usually include arriving in style in a private jet charter. Whilst we could use websites like Jettly to see what's available, this may not be feasible with three kids. It’s important to me that the kids also enjoy the holiday, so a family-friendly accommodation is a must. I’ve looked into a few options and places and different regions to stay.

When Villa Pia got in touch I was really captivated by their gorgeous property and amenities on offer. It looks like the ideal place to stay for a family visiting Italy.

They are really popular and most of their business is return customers which is always a terrific sign. For couples with younger kids, September & October is a gorgeous time of year to visit. Villa Pia is also getting really popular with groups and retreats. I am hoping to organize a visit to Villa Pia for my family in May or June next year.

I’ve read up on Villa Pia and things to do in the surrounding areas and will tell you what I’ve found!


Villa Pia is located in Lippiano which is on the border of Tuscany and Umbria. To save you having to search Google Maps like I did, Villa Pia is roughly a 2.5hr drive from Rome and 1.5 hr drive from Florence. Those are two places I really want to see in Italy. It’s in a nice central location.

villa pia map

Lippiano is a one minute drive or a lovely cycle or walk from Villa Pia. The town has a few churches and an impressive castle that stands above the town. There are tours available. Cycling is a really popular way to see the town and surrounding area.


There are loads of fun things to do in Umbria. And best of all they are family-friendly. Things from exploring historical sites to amusement parks, wineries, caves and loads of outdoor activities. There are plenty of tours and day trips available too which is handy with kids.

Just over the border in Tuscany, there are more beautiful things to do. There are some day trips up to Pisa, wine tours hiking tours, beautiful cathedrals and nature and wildlife areas. I’m getting so excited just writing about it. Honestly, this would be the vacation of my dreams right here!

Family Friendly Accommodation

As I said earlier, finding a place to stay that’s family-friendly is a top priority for me. Villa Pia seems to have found the perfect balance of family-friendly while still being a place of relaxation and enjoyment for the parents.

Villa Pia is situated on 5 acres where kids and families can explore together. Their-friendly facilities include a children’s swimming pool beside the adult pool, sandpit, trampoline, all-weather tennis court, ping pong tables, a courtyard play area filled with small climbing frames, slides, toys, and ride-ons.

All three meals and snacks are included at Villa Pia. Breakfast and lunch are served as a buffet. They provide a selection of homemade cakes as an afternoon treat, and children are served an early dinner at 6pm.

There is an adult dinner served at 8pm which is a 4-course meal at a traditional long dinner table in the dining room which is within baby monitor range of the bedrooms. They also offer English speaking babysitters to mind the kids during the adult dinner. There is also the option to eat earlier with your kids. It sounds very relaxed and easygoing.

Guests have free access to milk, tea, coffee, water, wine, beer and spirits, as well as fresh fruit, bread, butter, jams, cereals and fresh puree for baby. There is also a microwave for heating bottles, high chairs, kids’ cutlery and baby crockery available for guests to use.

Here are a few photos I was sent of Villa Pia. It looks like a relaxing and natural environment for families to explore and relax together while being well fed and looked after…

Villa Pia

villa pia

villa pia

For bookings and to find out more, check out the Villa Pia Website! Have you been to Italy? Let me know your tips and suggestions in the comments!

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