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Benefits for Children Who Play Football

 Collaborative post.

My two boys love playing football. If it’s a nice day out, it’s their favourite thing to do. They both enjoy soccer & Gaelic Football, which is an Irish sport. We have always encouraged them to play sports as there are so many benefits for children who play football.

There are numerous health benefits to playing football. Regular sporting activity reduces body fat, strengthens bones, aids in coordination & improves stamina & concentration. It’s a great healthy habit to start as a child & continue into adulthood. Regular participation in aerobic sports like football increases longevity & decreases susceptibility to chronic illness & heart disease.

There are also many psychological & social benefits to playing football. Listening to the coaches & referee helps children learn discipline & to follow instructions. It also teaches them good sportsmanship & how to deal with the disappointment of losing. Football can instil confidence & help children to overcome shyness. The fast aspect of the game encourages quick thinking & adaptability.

Football also encourages team spirit & working as a team, Children become part of a team which forms a bond between the children. It helps them realize the importance of having close relationships with others. Teamwork helps children get used to working with others which is a great life skill to have.

Benefits for Children who Play Football

At this stage, our boys are young so their football matches are like the photo above – a group of kids running after a ball. But as they develop & grow their skills it will be so nice for them to attend a school organized football tour. There are some amazing locations around Europe & worldwide available for these types of trips. I’ve come across some football training camps that I know our 9-year-old would love to attend to polish his skills & spend more time with his friends, building their team.

Football really is a great way to exercise with friends, build confidence & sportsmanship. Plus our boys love it!

Do your kids play any sports?


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