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Brand Newbies Trolley Seat Cover

I was so delighted to receive an email from Nicole at Brand Newbies about reviewing their newest Trolley Seat Cover.  It’s an ingenious cover that provides 360-degree germ protection for your little one in the shopping trolley, park swing or restaurant high chair.


I’m a bit of a germaphobe when my kids are small. The two times I have the biggest cringe is when they are in a shopping trolley or a restaurant high chair.  They are germ cesspools lol I carry Milton Wipes & wipe the trolley handle and high chair down. I also have a blanket in the car that I drape over the trolley back and seat because they are often cold and damp. I even bring a cloth that I tie around the filthy trolley locking device because my  babies just love to bite it. Ahhhh! So gross.


This Trolley Seat Cover solved my germ problems. It’s such an amazing invention. I really wish I had one from when my oldest was a baby!! The Trolley Seat Cover is soft, padded, waterproof & germ resistant.


It fits easily over the shopping Trolley and covers EVERYTHING – the back, sides, front and particularly the tempting dangly locking piece every child wants to bite on.


My 2-year-old daughter took our new Trolley Seat Cover for a test drive and we were both delighted with it. The Cover attached very easily with velcro straps. She asked to go into the trolley and giggled when I sat her into her new designer seat. There is a safety belt to strap the child in. I didn’t use it since my daughter is old enough to know not to jump out of the trolley.


The seat is very well made out of wipeable material & is machine washable. The bag it comes in has a zipper on top and can be used to store the Seat Cover in.


There are two loops at the front of the seat cover to hook toys onto – perfect for the baby who enjoys throwing her toys on the ground! There are also two pouches, one on each side, suitable for storing a toy, snack cup, bottle or sippy cup.


Brand Newbies is an Irish based company.  The Trolley Seat Cover debuted on Dragon’s Den in 2014. it’s been very popular and can be purchased on Amazon (US & UK) as well as through their website.

I’m blown away by the quality and innovation of the Trolley Seat Cover. My daughter was riding in style and she loved sitting on her new seat cover. I loved having her in a germ-free environment. Right now, our seat cover is tucked away is in its package, in the boot of my car, ready for our next shopping trip!



Brand Newbies have generously offered to giveaway a new black and white, waterproof Trolley Seat Cover to one of my wonderful readers!

This giveaway is closed.

Disclosure: I received the Trolley Seat Cover for the purpose of this honest review. All views are my own.

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