Breastfeeding with MAM Products

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Mam.

MAM contacted me last week about a review / giveaway. My daughter is 3 & not using bottles anymore but I did use MAM bottles & products for her which I’m delighted to tell you about today & offer you the chance to win some yourself!

How I came to use MAM Products

As you probably know, I have three kiddies. All of whom I breastfed for around 14 months each. Breastfeeding was a really important bonding time for me & for my babies too. It’s treasured memories for me! That being said, there are times when a bottle is necessary – like if I was gone to a wedding or somewhere important without my baby.

Since I  breastfed long term I couldn’t skip every event where a baby wasn’t invited so I wanted my babies to take breastmilk from a bottle in my absence. My first born would take any bottle that crossed