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Christmas Nail Trends – which one is your favourite??

This is a collaborative post

Did you know that it’s only 17 sleeps until Christmas?? With that in mind, it’s time for me to start thinking about my Christmas nails! 🙂 Yes, my priorities are straight. lol

Last year I went for a maroon coloured shellac polish on my nails with a few snowflakes on them. So I’d like to do something a little different this year! I’ve been perusing polishes on Ellisons but am not sure what to go for yet! I need your help guys, let me know which of these nail trends you like best!

Winter Trends

I’ve been looking into winter nail trends and Christmas nail trends and I’m excited about what I’m finding. There are the traditional reds and maroons out there but this year there are some exciting new looks too! We aren’t limited to red and green anymore!

I’m seeing a lot of fun nail art to create a twist on the traditional Christmassy looking nail. But there are also some fab nails in glitter and also those in white, silver, and grey! Have a look through these and see which ones you like the best!

The Red Family

You can’t go wrong with a red colour at Christmas. It’s traditional. But, there’s always room to make them a little more interesting so your nails stand out from the crowd. I’ve seen some fabulous decorations done on red nails to make them fun and exciting.

red nails

red and pink nails

The above 2 images courtesy of Nolond


Glitter manicures are on trend this year. In a variety of ways. There’s the glitter on every nail look or the one nail done in glitter look. The one glitter nail can be a different colour from the other nails. And that creates a cool and fun contrast.

I quite like the one nail done in glitter look but I also like a subtle colour with all of the nails glittery like this photo below. Wouldn’t this be fab for New Year’s Eve!?

glitter nails

glitter nails

Ooo I love the glitter look, it’s so fun & festive. Some of you out there get even more adventurous, with more glitter. But, can you ever have too much glitter???

Photo: Courtesy of Mei Kawajiri / @nailsnbymei

Ummm… maybe you can have too much glitter! Those nails are certainly are sparkletastic!

White & Silver

This year nail trend experts say that you can ditch the red this winter & go for something totally different! White, silver & grey are very fashionable right now. And mixing those colours with some glitter or some matt colours would make a fun and trendy statement this Christmas!

white nails

grey and white nails

Which to Choose??

winter nails

So I need your help – which if any of these do you think I should choose? Or which styles do you like the best? Let me know your favorites in the comments. xx

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