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Coffeebrewers Christmas Advent Calendar Giveaway

The Coffeebrewer by growers cup were kind enough to send me one of their Christmas Advent Calendars to enjoy this festive season! Earlier in the year, they sent me their 25 pc desk set. I have been thoroughly enjoying the Coffeebrewers coffee and am thrilled to tell you that I have TWO of these fabulous advent calendars to giveaway!

In a nutshell, Coffeebrewer coffee is super easy to make – that’s the whole idea. You simply add water to the pouch, wait a few minutes then enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

coffeebrewer pouch

Their Christmas Advent calendar comes with 25 pouches of delicious coffee – each one is dated beginning with December 1. Each pouch has a note from Santa and a festive design. Inside is delicious and easy to make coffee.

Like any advent calendar, with the Coffeebrewers Advent calendar, you are counting down the days to Christmas with a little treat. Adult advent calendars have really taken off lately. And I think it’s lovely for us parents to get a daily treat along with the kiddies.

coffeebrewer advent calendar

Here is the product description from Amazon: Wake you up each day with a sensation of different flavours, bodies, nuances and aftertastes with the selection of 12 different coffee origins, which are some of the best coffee farms around the world. You can try new flavours and brews from countries like Nicaragua, Kenya, Peru, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Bolivia and many more! 13 of the 25 Coffeebrewers contain specialty coffee and the remaining 12 are organic and fair-trade coffees.

coffeebrewer christmas advent calendar

I think this is a lovely gift to get for yourself or a fellow coffee lover to enhance the build-up to Christmas! Also, I want to note that the pouches are reusable. You can easily scoop out the coffee, rinse and re-use. I’ve reused the pouches many times each.

Giveaway CLOSED

I have two Coffeebrewer Advent Calendars to giveaway for two lucky winners. Enter via the Gleam app below, some entries may be done more than once. This giveaway is limited to residents of the UK & Ireland.

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