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Creating Equality for Dads - Baby Changing Facilities

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Long gone are the times of gender roles being set in stone. Every year we grow more and more in awareness, creating a world with greater equality and open-mindedness. It's a beautiful thing to see! Part of this growth is pausing to question things that have always been a certain way - and checking if there is room for some change.

With this shifting world, we are seeing a rise in fathers who are staying at home as the primary caregiver. And for those who don't stay at home full time, the dads of today are certainly more hands-on than the fathers of the past.

So keeping all of that in mind, one has to ask the question of why baby-changing facilities are still primarily in female restrooms. And whether or not that is the best thing for families, specifically for dads.

The rise of the stay-at-home dad

According to recent studies, there are now ten times as many stay-at-home dads today than there were a decade ago! This comes from several reasons. One is a more hands-on approach by fathers today. And another coming from many women being the primary earner at home. So when children come along, it is not automatic that it is the woman who stays home to raise the family.

There is no longer a standard norm of who takes on what role and this rise of stay-at-home dads proves that point perfectly.

Equality for the genders

We all appreciate and understand the importance of equality for women. It's a battle that our grandmothers fought and we continue to push forward today. But what about equality for men? Might sound crazy to hear that idea because we always think about paid work when we think of equality. Let's not forget that unpaid work is often the most important work that we do in our lives. Namely, the raising of our children.

With men making the choice to be more hands-on with their children or be the primary caregiver, then there should be baby-changing facilities in men's restrooms as well. This blog post perfectly sums up the issue of how the world is progressing on the one hand but how public toilets have not on the other.

Dads deserve to have a clean, properly appointed baby changing area to take care of their babies' needs. With a baby changing table and bins like those on this nappy bin product page.

Celebrating Dad

The world can only be a better place with more equality and more open-mindedness for all. Celebrating the role of dad whether it is full-time or not, is a wonderful one for our society to embrace and support.

Having baby changing units in men's toilets is a simple way to show that support and to also make it easier for men to take on these roles. It is challenging enough to break through gender stereotypes, let's get behind the dads and celebrate them.

Let me know your thoughts on this issue in the comments below. I'd love to hear what you think!

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