Creating our Dream Pet with Petplan

Petplan pet insurance invited us to take part in their exciting campaign for children to use their artistic skills to create their dream pet. The only limit was our imagination – we could create any pet we could think of in a drawing. The dream pet drawing was then sent off and transformed into a soft toy!!

My 8-year-old son loves his nature books and science. When given this amazing opportunity he went straight to his Animal book to look for inspiration! He has a soft place in his heart for Possums so he decided he’d do his best to draw one. With lots of attention to detail and support from the family, he drew his dream pet…

We sent off the drawing and anxiously awaited its creation into a real-life soft toy. He’s thrilled with how his dream pet came out! The attention to detail is truly amazing. Down to the squiggly lines and colour changes, Petplan has made my son’s dream pet come to life!

Caring for our Dream Pet

Our son has been wanting a little pet of his own, like a rabbit or hamster. He’s caring for his dream pet like he would a real pet. It’s great practice for him! Dream pet possum has a lovely spot in my son’s bed and he taught him about snow during the blizzard last week.

It’s great for children to learn about pets and to care for them. We have a sheepdog named Mia who’s a part of our family. We love and care for Mia and the children help look after her.

Petplan Insurance

Part of caring for your pet is having pet insurance. Petplan Insurance inspires to keep the nation’s pets healthy and their owners happy. They offer great customer service and have helped millions of owners get their pets healthy after illness or injury. Petplan has a range of insurance policies to suit all needs & different types of animals, including a lifetime policy.

I’m delighted to learn that Petplan works with charities to rehome animals. And they created Petplan Charitable Trust which has raised over £7 million to help animals.

Learn more over on the Petplan pet insurance website.

This post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own.

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