Embracing our mental health in 2020 with mindfulness & counseling

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As we ease into 2020 we can feel a variety of emotions. January can be a tricky month for many people’s mental health and entering a new decade can bring challenges and pressures as well. In this article, I’m going to talk about 3 simple ways to look after your mental health that will serve you for the entire year.

Setting Realistic Goals

Many of us make resolutions and set goals as a way of embracing the new year and new decade that has arrived. 2020 feels like a significant place to be, especially for those of us who feel like the year 2000 just happened, I include myself in that group. The time flies by in day to day life so a change of decades often brings more pressure to achieve certain goals that we have been maybe putting off or haven’t gotten around to yet.

Every year people resolutions that they don’t achieve. I think the reason is that they try to change too many things at once and the resolutions aren’t broken into achievable goals. Whatever the reason is, if resolutions fail, then that can lead to a feeling of personal failure, lacking and questioning one’s self-worth.