Grandma’s Poetry Book

Grandma’s Poetry Book is touching, fun, loving & witty. It’s a collection of poems that begins a couple of years before the author becomes a grandmother. She’s enjoying the freedom and having a great time. Each poem documents a milestone or special moment along the path of grand-motherhood. Such as the day she’s told she is going to be a grandmother, the birth of her first grandchild, minding her grandchildren & so on.

Each poem is its own little story, about two pages long. The poems are written in chronological order so it felt like I was reading a book with short chapters rather than separate poems. I went up to bed with the book the night it arrived & thought I’d read a few pages. Then, 50 pages later I had to stop myself so I’d get some sleep! The stories had completely sucked me in. I laughed out loud and teared up reading the poems. They are full of love, humor & truthful observations.

You can create your own beautiful poetry book with the help of a poetry editor to assist your work.