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Grandma’s Poetry Book

Grandma’s Poetry Book is touching, fun, loving & witty. It’s a collection of poems that begins a couple of years before the author becomes a grandmother. She’s enjoying the freedom and having a great time. Each poem documents a milestone or special moment along the path of grand-motherhood. Such as the day she’s told she is going to be a grandmother, the birth of her first grandchild, minding her grandchildren & so on.

Each poem is its own little story, about two pages long. The poems are written in chronological order so it felt like I was reading a book with short chapters rather than separate poems. I went up to bed with the book the night it arrived & thought I’d read a few pages. Then, 50 pages later I had to stop myself so I’d get some sleep! The stories had completely sucked me in. I laughed out loud and teared up reading the poems. They are full of love, humor & truthful observations.

You can create your own beautiful poetry book with the help of a poetry editor to assist your work.


Author Di Castle lives in Swanage, UK and has been writing since she was a child. She has three daughters and seven grandchildren. You can read some of Di’s poems on her writer’s blog, including a hilarious poem about what she will call herself as a grandmother! It will give you a sense of what her poems are like. They are fun, vibrant and easy to read.

Grandma’s Poetry Book is illustrated by Denise A. Horn. Denise perfectly captures the emotion from each poem with her drawings. They really are a lovely addition to the book.


The above image is from the touching poem, “Beyond The Curtain.” Di goes the hospital to visit her daughter & meet her first grandchild. It’s emotional, and I teared up reading this poem. She writes:

“Heart lurches, head spins,

Mind whirls – how time flew!

Thirty years since I held her?

Like she’s holding you.”

Her beautiful descriptions really hit home for me as a mother. I can imagine myself as a grandmother, and also how my mother might feel as a grandmother.


The above image is from the poem “Babysitting.” It gives a truthful account of the difficulty a grandmother (or anyone babysitting) can have trying to settle a baby. She offers baby drinks, treats, biscuits, games & other bribes, but singing is what does the trick. But, every time she stops singing, baby’s eyes open again. As she continues to sing Twinkle Little Star her own eyes start to close. Yet,

“When Mum and Dad come through the door,

Can’t tell them how my pride is sore.

‘She was no trouble. It was a ball!

She slept right through – didn’t cry at all!”…

For if I reveal my nerves are raw…

They might not ask me anymore!”

The book continues with her grandchildren growing up and teaching their granny about tablets and smartphones. And Di’s special visits with them. It really is a lovely collection of poems that come together to tell the story of pre-grandmother freedom, the amazing experience of having your first grandchild, and all of the joy & humour that comes with having 7 grandchildren.

I’d recommend this book to any mother or grandmother. If you are interested in learning more, you can visit Di’s Website or Facebook page.

Disclosure: I received the book for the purpose of this honest review. All views are my own.


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