Have a Positive Inner Voice

While reading the lovely quote posts linked up with me last week, I was inspired by the post that Lux shared on About Life & Love . She wrote about lessons from a throwback photo of herself. She asked for readers to share what they learned from their throwback photos. I started to write a novel of a comment about what I’ve learned from old photos of myself, then I decided it was more of a blog post than a comment I was creating!

I remember clearly before having kids that I thought I had a belly. This is now LAUGHABLE. But anyway, at the time, I thought I had a belly & was quite critical of myself in photos. I could see my tiny belly outline through my fitted tops & this was a serious problem – HA HA HA.

You can probably see where this is going. So after having a three kids, I looked over at my photo of myself 10 years younger & realized that I thought THAT version of me had a belly, among other critiques I had for myself. Looking at the same photo 10 years later I was really disgusted with how I felt back then. Seriously, what was I thinking? NOW I have a belly, now I can really see a belly & it is not good.

That was the moment of realization – hold the phone here. If I am now looking back & seeing my young