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I am proud of many things in life but nothing beats being a mother

It’s funny how the simple moments in life can make us stop & realize how lucky we really are! Sometimes those simple moments come after a day of frustration like this one did. To me, the feature quote says it all: I am proud of many things in life but nothing beats being a mother.

My little daughter caught a vomiting bug just before her 4th birthday. We had a long night together & the next day she was tired & had no appetite. The following day she wanted to eat EVERYTHING. I didn’t want her to overeat & get sick again so I was trying to hold her back & space out small meals.

She wasn’t having it.

She had a craving for cheese. And, dairy is on the no list after a vomiting bug so I was being very cautious with it. She asked for two slices of cheddar cheese, so I cut one slice in half & gave that to her. She ate it while pointing out that wasn’t a legitimate two slices & wanted more again.

With the vomit clean up fresh in my mind I decided to hold her off for an hour or two & let what she had eaten settle. We went back & forth with asking for cheese & me explaining she can have more in a little while.

Then the tummy conversation happened (my daughter’s part of the convo is in pink, her fav colour)….

I have more cheese, please?

Let’s let your tummy settle & you can have some cheese later. I’ll make you some nice cheese & crackers.

(20 seconds later) I have cheese now?

Well, when you have a tummy bug you have to be careful & let your tummy settle with little bits of food. So you can have more cheese a little later. How’s your tummy now? Is it sore?

Nope – I all better.

Ah that’s great you are all better, I’m so glad!

Yup. I have cheese now?… I not sick. (clever & I should have seen that one coming)

Well even though you aren’t sick sometimes after a sore tummy things like cheese can make a tummy get cross. We don’t want the tummy to get cross & say agr agr agr (waving my arms in a pirate style for emphasis) so let’s wait on the cheese until later so your tummy will be happy.

She looks thoughtfully at me & says… My tummy says – I want to eat cheese now.

This really made me laugh – she is so clever. She had an answer to all of my attempts to delay the cheese. Her tummy wasn’t angry it said it wanted cheese. Fair play my little lady!

This conversation cheered us all up! When we were feeling sick & fed up, our daughter’s light shined bright for us all to enjoy!

super mom quote

I was feeling fed up & like I lost my patience which makes me feel guilty then. But the little conversation & laugh made me realize despite the failings, my kiddies look at me with love. We are all Super Mom! Especially when the house is infested with germs!

Can you relate to the cheese conversation? I hope everyone is healthy in your house! x

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