I Am The Mum Who


– is grateful every day for my children

– enjoys watching Peppa Pig – I admit it!

– is constantly slathering sunscreen on my kids

– loves cuddles

– adores hearing my children laugh & play

– cooks healthy foods & avoids artificial ingredients

– has lists from one end of the house to the other

– doesn’t iron (unless absolutely ridiculously necessary)

– doesn’t wear makeup or dress up unless I’m going to town

– is a sister to one and sister in law to 7

– tidies the house every evening, for it to be messed again the next day

– has a pile of laundry & is blogging instead of folding it

– loves making crafts with my kids

– wants my kids to treat each other with love and respect

– loves days out and about with my family

– adores going to the beach, wearing sunglasses – basically all things summer related

– supports my children in whatever they enjoy doing

– brings all my kids grocery shopping with me

– encourages my children

– wouldn’t give up motherhood for anything.

Thank you Jade at Raising the Rings for tagging me. I really enjoy reading your blog & chatting with you on Twitter! I am going to tag these lovely ladies if you would like to take part:

Pennies Add Up

The Twinkle Diaries

Battle Mum

Working Mummy and Wife


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