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Introducing #PositivityCorner

I have some exciting news to share with you today! I started a new hashtag on Twitter, #PositivityCorner, which has is running every Monday evening from 9 to 10 British / Irish standard time! It has received a massive response, much more than I had ever imaged. Each week there have been between 8 – 11 million impressions! And have been trending many of the weeks!! Check out #3 on the trends list – #PositivityCorner 🙂

#positivitycorner trending

If you are on Twitter, I’d love for you to join in and share some positivity and get some positivity back too. There are two ways you can join in with the hashtag:

  1. Join the #PositivityCorner Twitter chat every Monday evening from 9-10pm BST (which is 4-5pm EST).

  2. Share your quotes or positive thoughts any day of the week using #PositivityCorner. I try to RT or like & reply to them all.

#PositivityCorner Twitter Chat

A Twitter chat is an easy and fun thing to participate in. For any Twitter newbies, all you do is add: #PositivityCorner to your positive tweets between 9-10 pm BST. And follow the conversation by typing #PositivityCorner in the search box on Twitter. Then along the top, hit recent tweets and you can scroll through the chat. Reply to people, RT, follow each other, it’s become a beautiful community to be a part of!

Each week there is a theme like self-care, gratitude, or parenting. EUMom is joining me as a co-host once per month where we will have a focus that’s parenting or kiddie based. For example, yesterday’s theme that started trending was staying positive while traveling or being out with kids. The other weeks I will be solo hosting and I have a few exciting co-hosts lined up!

I have prizes up for grabs every week for a few tweeters who take part in the chat! Just use #PositivityCorner between 9 & 10 to enter to win a prize.

I hope you will join in the #PositivityCorner conversation Mondays from 9-10pm! If you would like me to tweet you a reminder for the chat, leave your Twitter handle in the comments below!

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