Let’s Talk About Sex

These are four words I am dreading as a parent – let’s talk about sex. I’m anticipating some awkward but necessary conversations. Sex is a part of life but because it’s not openly talked about, the conversation can be embarrassing. I remember my mother talking to me & feeling like I wished the floor would open & swallow me up.

Today, Lloyds Online Doctor Ireland is releasing its findings from their Let’s Type About Sex campaign & survey of 474 Irish men & women. With the internet playing a huge role in information these days, these findings aren’t surprising:

68% of Irish people under 24 years old would prefer to receive contraception advice online.

A quarter of all age groups surveyed said they would prefer to receive contraceptive advice online.

According to the survey, most people plan to discuss contraception with their children, which I think is really great! The survey found that:

12% of Irish parents are ‘currently undecided’ as to whether they will discuss contraception options with their children or not.