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Let’s Talk About Sex

These are four words I am dreading as a parent – let’s talk about sex. I’m anticipating some awkward but necessary conversations. Sex is a part of life but because it’s not openly talked about, the conversation can be embarrassing. I remember my mother talking to me & feeling like I wished the floor would open & swallow me up.

Today, Lloyds Online Doctor Ireland is releasing its findings from their Let’s Type About Sex campaign & survey of 474 Irish men & women. With the internet playing a huge role in information these days, these findings aren’t surprising:

68% of Irish people under 24 years old would prefer to receive contraception advice online.

A quarter of all age groups surveyed said they would prefer to receive contraceptive advice online.

According to the survey, most people plan to discuss contraception with their children, which I think is really great! The survey found that:

12% of Irish parents are ‘currently undecided’ as to whether they will discuss contraception options with their children or not.

4% said they would feel uncomfortable broaching this subject with their kids, and so would avoid it altogether.

95% of Irish people think contraception should be discussed in schools.

Discussing contraception in school is a great idea so long as parents consent & the information is well presented. Growing up, I had health class which had a section on sex, sexually transmitted diseases & contraception. Basically, they tried to scare us with terrible photos of STD’s. Hopefully the curriculum has improved today.

I think it’s really important for parents to talk with their children about sex & contraception, even though it’s not the most comfortable conversation. I don’t think it should be left solely to the schools or internet to educate young people. The internet is a wonderful resource, but it’s important to be careful of which website you take your information from, especially when it comes to something important like contraception.

What’s your take on talking to your kids about sex? Join the conversation today by using #LetsTypeAboutSex on social media. I received these statistics early in a media pack, I wasn’t compensated to share them.


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