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Lion's Gate Portal - 8 August 2022

We are approaching my favourite energetic time of the year - The Lion's Gate Portal. The portal officially opens on the 8th of August, however, the amazing energetics can be felt for days before and after the 8th, running from around July 28 through August 12.

To celebrate this wonderful time of year, I am offering 20% off all items in my shop with code: LionsGate.

When we are aware of the supportive energies that are available to us during this time, we can use them to receive messages, manifest our dreams and anchor in these beautiful vibes into our reality. Read on to learn more about what Lion's Gate is and how to utilize this energy.

What exactly is the Lion's Gate Portal?

It is a magical time when the Earth, the star Sirius and the Sun move into complete alignment with each other. The sun is in the sign of Leo (hence the lion). This astrological alignment allows a special, high vibrational energy to fill the Earth plane and consciousness that isn't present for the rest of the year.

We also have the numerological aspect of double eight's (8 / 8), which amplifies the meaning of the number eight. The number eight means infinity with a constant flow of energy. Eight also signifies balance, success and abundance.

Taking the astrology and numerology into account, we can see how this alignment with Sirius and the Sun opens the portal and allow the beautiful high vibration energy of abundance, balance, freedom and success to pour in.

We can also experience additional guidance during this time that isn't related to success or the other attributes of the number eight. The opening of the portal gives us an easier connection to our higher selves, the Angelic Realm, and our highest guidance. So you may find yourself having more dreams, more thoughts popping in from your guidance system, seeing double numbers and experiencing more sycronicities.

How Should I Utilize this Energy?

This energy is ideal for manifesting, setting intentions, embracing abundance, and creating new beginnings. Anything you wish to start that you have been waiting to do would be a great time to do it now. Also if you have something you'd like to draw to your life, this is a magical and powerful time to set your intentions and manifest your desires.

It is also a terrific time to connect with your team of angels, guides and higher selves. Sitting in meditation, or first thing in the morning when you're just waking up are nice ways to connect to that guidance. Another option is that you can ask a question before going to bed and allow the answer to come in through dreams or guidance when you first wake up.

If this is all new to you, I have an affirmation meditation video that is simple, short and allows your mind to focus on beautiful affirmations rather than wandering. It's a peaceful four minutes that will get you relaxed and ready for practising your higher connection and manifestion.

How I can further Support You

To celebrate, I have a discount code on through August 12 for 20% off all items in my shop! The code is LionsGate.

I will infuse any item ordered during this time with the powerful Lions Gate energy, in addition to the properties listed on the item's description.

I am more than happy to help you select the perfect energetic item to support your journey. You can get in touch with me to chat about it!

Wishing you lots of abundance, blessings and love on this Lion's Gate and always.

- Becky x

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Aug 05, 2022

I had no idea that this was a thing. I do believe in energies though and that they play a role in our daily lives.


Aug 04, 2022

Thanks for the discount code. So important to learn to use our energy positively and for wellness - Yeah Lifestyle


Aug 03, 2022

Never heard of this before. Very interesting thought I don't believe in things like this it's always interesting to learn about others' beliefs. Thanks for sharing!


Aug 03, 2022

Looks very interesting and this is the first time I've been educated on it and have heard of it. Thanks for sharing! - Lavanda Michelle


Aug 03, 2022

This sounds so lovely, I wasn't aware of this before, Thanks for sharing all of this info it was a great read. I love reading about new space/Astrology facts I didn't know.


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