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Little Me Tomorrow Book Review

This post is sponsored by Little Me Tomorrow.

I’m excited to introduce you to a brand new children’s book today called Little Me Tomorrow. This unique book is round in shape, handcrafted, eco-friendly and durable. Little Me Tomorrow introduces children to hobbies and passions in an engaging and loving way.

Little Me Tomorrow was created to inspire the author’s child to learn about different hobbies & discover their passion. The creative team behind Little Me Tomorrow developed this unique book because they believe that nowadays a book can be and should be an experience for every child.

The book has a simple circular shape with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. The wooden handle is engraved with your child’s name and holds the hand-crafted & eco-friendly book together without any glue! The pages of the book are thick and coated to be durable and protected from spills.

You can make the book truly special by adding a dedication page which will be printed on the first page of the book. The introductory page is so beautiful. It embraces a mother’s love in the most personal and heartfelt way. Reading it to my daughter I felt like it truly explained how much I love and care for her. It brought a tear to my eye in a wonderful way.

Little Me Tomorrow features several different hobbies with a beautiful circular illustration. The book is written in the style of a rhyme. Hobbies from hiking to learning a foreign language are each given a dedicated page with beautiful illustrations to compliment the writing.

little me tomorrow book inside

Inspiring Little Ones

The idea behind Little Me Tomorrow is to inspire little ones to do exciting things. The book presents hobbies and passions in a rhythmic and engaging way. The illustrations are captivating and the durable pages are ideal for little hands.

We read a book together every night at bedtime. We have thoroughly enjoyed snuggling up to read Little Me Tomorrow together (several times). My daughter is drawn to painting in school and she chose painting as her favourite hobby from the book.

Little Me Tomorrow is a book about hobbies to help children discover their passions. And if they know their passions, then they are on the road to becoming winners. How special is that!!?

Learn More

Little Me Tomorrow – a children’s book can be different, is available on their Kickstarter page. You can learn more about the inspiration behind the book and meet the creators. Also on the Kickstarter page, you can explore the different pledge options including a colouring book, pillow, stickers, and poster. There is an option to suit every budget.

This lovely YouTube video below sums up the ethos of Little Me Tomorrow – a book made with love, to build passion in children. The creators believe that what children do in their free time affects their growth and development.

I’m a big supporter of imaginative play, reading and getting outside. Little Me Tomorrow ticks all of these boxes and engages children to find their passions.

Little Me Tomorrow is created with lots of love from the team. You can feel the love in the customized wooden handle, the hand-drawn illustrations, and the beautiful rhythmic words. This book is an experience. Support Little Me Tomorrow & get a copy for your loved one right here.

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