March 2016 at a Glance

I know it’s ridiculous that I’m writing my March at a glance post when it’s nearly the end of April! So, I’m going to keep it short & sweet.

In March, I was very fortunate to attend some fab events & to go away for a family weekend all thanks to my blog. The only thing about all of the fun & excitement is that I owed blog posts for so many things! It’s been tough to get around to writing about everything & I’m still not done.

It’s hard to know how to manage everything & I definitely don’t have the elusive life – blog balance figured out yet! I have learned a lesson to be more careful about what I agree to do so that I don’t end up with a pile of owed posts again.

march 2016 at a glance

march 2016 at a glance

Now, onto the fun things in March! I was one of the lucky ITWBN  bloggers invited to attend two fashion events – the Fashion Innovation Awards & the Galway Fashion Trail. Both events were fab & full of style. My daughter & I had a fun morning getting hair & nails done before I headed off to Galway with my friend Tom.

march 2016 at a glance

The five of us stayed at the lovely Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Galway for two nights over Easter holidays. It was brilliant to get away. While we were in Galway we ate at our favorite restaurant, Brasserie on the Corner. I always enjoy walking around Galway city & soaking up the energy. A street entertainer made balloon animals for the kids. It was a really chilled out break.

march 2016 at a glance

During our Galway trip, I went to WordPress experts, Educated Machine. They fixed a few things on Cuddle Fairy that I wasn’t able to manage myself despite my best efforts & Google! I’m hosting a giveaway now where you can win a 2-hour session with Educated Machine – either in person or via skype or email. Find out more in my Session with Educated Machine post.

march 2016 at a glance

March left me feeling so thankful for the special time I had with my family & for my blog for providing the amazing opportunities for us. x

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