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My first handmade top from Made by Cece

When I received an email from Cecilia Doyle, dressmaker offering to send me an item of clothing from her shop, I just couldn’t resist! I’ve never had handmade clothing before. And I’m excited to support a fellow business mom. With that in mind, I went through the clothing and fabric choices on her website, Made by Cece – clothing with personality.

You get the choice of fabric and design. Cecilia can add breastfeeding panels into any of her tops or dresses which she does not charge extra to do. Her designs are priced per design rather than per size which makes shopping easy as you know exactly what the prices are. She has clothing for women, men, children & insuline pump belts.

After having a good nose around the site, I decided to go with a top called Siv which retails at 50 euros. I also had my choice of fabrics, I copied an example on Cecilia’s website. The Siv top has pockets and a lovely big collar.

It arrived wrapped nicely in tissue paper. My first impressions were how soft the fabric is, how well made it looks and that it smells freshly washed! I checked with Cecelia and she prewashes all fabrics which ensures that any shrinking or warping occurs before the clothes are made!

Let’s talk about this fabulous collar

The collar is amazing. I’m nice and warm in the Siv top and I love how the collar sits with the black fabric inside. The top is comfortable and the fabric is thick which makes it soft, warm and easy to wear.

Long Sleeves & Pockets

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with pockets. I love them in tops and dresses.

At 5’9″ I sometimes face difficulty with tops being too short on my arms. I’m thrilled with how long the Siv top from Made by Cece is! I love that it gathers up and is well long enough on my arms.

I also love that the design is unique, it’s not the usual top you see in the shops.

Made by Cece

I’m really delighted with my top from Made by Cece, and it makes me feel happy to support an Irish businesswoman. What I wasn’t expecting was the high quality of the item that I received! It’s so well made. The seams are tidy, it’s the perfect fit and the material is high quality and comfortable.

I love that it arrived clean and ready to wear. The long sleeves and collar make it nice and warm and easy to wear for a busy mom of three. Her discrete label is on the outside of the top so there’s no itchy label behind my neck.

The difference in quality in this top versus ones I have bought in shops is night and day as my Siv top from Made by Cece is softer, thicker and has a nicer feel.

I have worn and washed my new top and give it two thumbs up. I also give Cecelia herself two thumbs up. She’s a delight to deal with via email and she offers fully customizable clothing and can make things to your specific needs. I also think it’s fab that she offers the complimentary breastfeeding panels. I found it tricky to find comfy tops when I was feeding my babies.

Find out more over on Made by Cece. To stay up to date with the goodies that arrive at my house, follow my Instagram Story.

I was sent the top for purposes of this review, all opinions are my own. 

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