My Session with Educated Machine

I started my blog all by myself with a lot of help from Google! I had no idea what I was doing & I made a lot of mistakes. I eventually got it up & running & realized a whole new host of mistakes. I fixed them & a few months later realized I should be sizing my images & had to go through & change every image which was torture. I’ve had several more issues pop up that made me go through & change things on every post. Starting my own blog has been a real learning process, to say the least.

I always thought it’d be great to sit down with someone who knows what they are doing & have them check to see if things look ok. And to see if I have any crazy plugins or anything organized in a way that’s totally wrong or even worse damaging to my site. I also have a list of questions I’ve generated over the year that I can’t get answered via Google or through my theme’s support page. So what is a blogger to do? I didn’t know who I could