My Week at a Glance 13

I can’t believe it’s my week at a glance 13!! I started writing these posts my first week of blogging. The time has absolutely flown by! It’s really nice to go back through the posts and read what we’ve done each week!

We ended up having a very busy week. Lots of unexpected appointments & going ons cropped up.  Blogging has taken a back seat, & besides my linkies, I’ve only posted about My Baby’s Hip Dysplasia.

my week at a glance 13

The highlight of our busy week was spending quality time with my son.  We had some time to kill before an appointment so we went for a walk along the river. We spotted ducks and this white bird (maybe a heron? please tell me in the comments if you know). I always enjoy having one on one time with my kids. It’s a treat for both of us.

I got my hair done last weekend. It was lovely to be out in town by myself, with no entourage. 🙂 I added a few blonde highlights for summertime.

We are having quality family time over the next few weeks. I’ll still run my linkies with the help of my fabulous co-hosts Trista, Rod & Katie.  And, I’ll try to post something new to read each week. But, my focus will be on spending time with my family! I’ll be back in full swing again in a few weeks & will fill you in on all of our adventures, so please stay in touch!

How was your week?


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