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My Week at a Glance 14

Welcome to my week at a glance 14! My last Week at a Glance post was before I took my three weeks off back in June! Since getting home, I have been focusing on other posts & haven’t gotten back to my Week at a Glance. I’ve missed writing them!

This past weekend was fabulous weather – it was sunny & warm.  Actual summer conditions, as opposed to the rain & gray skies we’ve been having here in Ireland.  We took total advantage of the loveliness &  went to town for lunch.  We had delicious scones, wraps, cappuccino & milkshakes. 🙂

my week at a glance 14

After lunch, we had ice creams & watched the ducks swimming by.  It was such a great day in the sunshine!

Unfortunately, our 8-year-old son broke his pinky finger.  He was practicing Gaelic Football in the backyard. For my non-Irish readers, in Gaelic Football you kick the ball from your foot to your hand while running. The ball hit his pinky finger the wrong way & it was badly fractured.  We ended up in A & E for 6 hours & back in the next day.  The doctors manipulated his bone back into position while our son was under general anesthetic.

my week at a glance 14 b

Everyone in the hospital was so great to us! The nurses took special care of our son & his Teddy. Everything our son received, Teddy did too, including a cast & sling.  Teddy’s special care brought a smile to our son’s face & made his time in the hospital much nicer.  Unfortunately, he now has to take it easy for the next few weeks.  He’s normally very active & is finding it really tough.

We had a lovely evening outside.  It was warm & calm when I took this photo from our backyard.  It was a week mixed with lovely fun in the sun & also a nasty fracture.  How was your week?

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