My Week at a Glance 16

Welcome to my week at a glance 16! Last week, I had so much exciting news to share with you! It was a crazy week. This week was busy in a different way. Here’s the scoop:

On the Home Front:

It’s back to school for my two boys. My oldest has started 2nd class & his brother started senior infants. I was so sad for the summer to end. We had so much fun – a cruise, weekend away & lots of fun at home! Everyone got along so well. I had a few tears after dropping them off at school Monday morning. Here is a glimpse of our summer fun:

my week at a glance 16 b

My daughter was so sad for the boys to leave on Monday & was convinced she was going with them. She took a lunch box out for herself, ready to roll. On a happy note, we have quality play time while the boys are at school & she really enjoys that.

We had lots of fun being creative last week & made lots of fun things from items around the house. You can see our creations here.

Last weekend, we had good friends over for dinner. I made my no bake lemon cheesecake for dessert & we had so much fun together! They also have 3 kids & our 6 kiddies had a great time playing together.

my week at a glance 16 c

On the Blog Front:

My Klout score was short lived at 71 & is back to 70. Happily I didn’t fall too far on the Parent Blogger Leaderboard, I’m #14 this week.

I’ve been contacted by a few lovely brands & have some exciting reviews & giveaways coming up for the end of the month.

The Irish Blog Awards 2015 shortlist was announced on Wednesday.  I have been trying not to think about it & playing it cool(ish) for the past week. I’m so delighted that Cuddle Fairy made it on the long lists for both the parenting & lifestyle categories. I’ve been focusing on that happiness, but when Wednesday arrived, I was quite nervous! I had butterflies in my tummy & every time the email would ding on my iPhone, I’d pounced on it to see if it was the results! Unfortunately, Cuddle Fairy didn’t make the shortlist. A big congrats to the amazing blogs that did make it! It’s very well deserved. There is some tough competition on the shortlist.

How was your week?


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