My Week at a Glance 17

Welcome to my week at a glance 17. The weeks are going way too fast, I feel like I just wrote last week’s post! We had two beautiful days this week but today it’s quite chilly & feels like Autumn has arrived.

On the Home Front:

This was the second week back at school. No tears this week – from me that is, the kids have been fine! We are settling back into the routine, but they have introduced homework this week so we are getting used to that again.

Starting at the top left of the collage below: We had my baked trout with cajun seasoning recipe for dinner one evening. It was delicious 🙂 It was my father-in-law’s birthday yesterday & we all celebrated together. It’s so nice getting all of the family into one room. The kids adore seeing their cousins & we had a couple glasses of this lovely wine. Next, I am trying to organize my blogging life & create a schedule – I have plenty of notebooks but haven’t quite figured it out yet!

my week at a glance 17

Bottom left: My blogging buddy Trista at Domesticated Momster encouraged me to make a bitmoji Becky. Now, I’m completely kind of addicted – it is such a fun app! In turn, I’ve gotten some of my Twitter friends hooked on the bitmoji fun! I made ants on a log for the kids to try – they weren’t impressed. I remember these fondly from my childhood! Our new automatic hand soap dispenser – more on that below.

On the Blog Front:

I wrote a review with a giveaway attached for Who’s Hungry? children’s book. My kids are really loving the wonderful things they get to have as a result of my blogging (as am I!).

I published my first guest post by Sean Markey from He gives tips about saving money on back to school expenses. The comments were so interesting & I learned that a lot of schools don’t allow parents to purchase cheaper brands. The costs can skyrocket with a few kids in school.

The lovely people at Dettol sent us some products to try out. I am a bit of a germaphobe when it comes to my kitchen, high chairs, shopping trolleys…you get the picture.

my week at a glance 17 a

I already use the Dettol kitchen & bathroom sprays & find them both very effective. I’m loving the convenience of the bathroom wipes & the kids are crazy for the automatic hand soap dispenser. I have it at the kitchen sink & they are lining up to wash their hands now. lol

If you’d like to win a selection of Dettol goodies, simply like this Facebook post to enter!

How was your week??


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