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My Week at a Glance 2

I can not believe that a week has gone by already!! So much happened this past week. We had a really lovely Easter. The bunny came with lots of goodies! It was also my son’s 8-year-old birthday! Hence the birthday card. I made pizza from scratch for the party (recipe coming soon).

week at glance 2

My 5 year old son has accumulated lots of stickers on his chart. We started it last week to help encourage him to get to the toilet on time! He hasn’t had any accidents since the sticker chart started and we will be making a trip to the euro saver very soon for him to pick his prize! celebrated its 1 week old birthday on Friday. I am really loving meeting new people & getting to know some really great parenting bloggers. It’s been so much fun so far!! My very talented nephew made the “Keep Calm” graphic for me. I had it on Facebook & Twitter over the weekend.

I just signed up with Bloglovin & I hope the new link works! Thanks  so much to Working Mummy and Wife for including me in your linky.

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