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Nurture your Precious Inner Voice

I recently read through some of my favorite quote posts & they all have to do with our mindset & our inner voice. I really believe that our inner voice is our foundation. So today, I am sharing more thoughts & quotes about having a positive inner voice and about guarding & nurturing your inner voice.

If you stop & think about it, the voice we hear most of the time is our own voice, our thoughts, in our own mind.

Imagine that voice is encouraging, loving & supportive of what we do. And also, forgiving when we make mistakes or when others make mistakes. The voice of a best friend!

Now imagine that voice is critical, disgusted & against what we do, how we look, how we act. This voice stops us from forgetting and forgiving the mistakes of others and our own. The voice of an enemy!

your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts

Building a Positive Inner Voice

Our inner voice is there from birth. Our parents, friends & upbringing influence how that voice develops – into a friend or into a foe. Imagine the difference between someone who’s inner voice is supportive & uplifting versus someone who’s inner voice is destructive & critical. That voice is talking to us all day long! We all deserve to hear positive thoughts.

Often times we think things so awful about ourselves & tell ourselves these things – things we would never ever say to a friend. So why should we talk to ourselves that way?? We shouldn’t!

Finding forgiveness of ourselves & others has been a helpful way for me to encourage my inner voice to be positive. Being honest, forgiving myself has been harder than forgiving others. I never realized how hard I am on myself until I started focusing on my inner voice & what she had to say.

Once you make the decision to focus on having a positive inner voice, things start to change. I’ve talked about this in a few other posts as well such as: The mind is everything, what we think, we become & Love Yourself First. In a nutshell, loving ourselves & controlling our mind is the foundation for growing a positive inner voice.

It takes focus to keep love & positivity on the front of our minds and it can be easy to knock that focus aside when things get tough. That’s where forgiveness & starting again with a supportive inner voice becomes so important.

Protecting Our Inner Voice

What we think of ourselves & what we tell ourselves is our reality. So let’s make it a good one! Let’s get our inner voices positive & supportive of who we are and how we feel.

Once we start, we can’t let other people affect our inner voice like the featured quote says – don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.

This can be easier said than done because it’s often easier to believe the opinions of others than it is to believe our own inner voice.  But, once you start the journey to develop your inner voice to one of positivity, it’s important to guard that voice, protect it, support it & believe in it!

Man must never suppress his inner voice even if he stands alone quote

Listening & worrying what others think is useless. A great quote I remind myself of often is that what other people think of me is none of my business! Not only is it none of my business, it’s totally out of my control.

Trying to blend in with the crowd & trying to be normal takes away our unique gifts & personalities. It suppresses our inner voice in exchange for the voice of others. So stand on your own, don’t try to blend in. Let your unique gifts shine.

if you are always trying to be normal quote

Pay attention to what your inner voice says & focus on encouragement, forgiveness & gratitude. See how that makes you feel! Then guard that positive inner voice against the influence of others. You will find that there’s positivity around every corner 🙂

For more inspiration, check out my quote of the week posts! Follow this one simple step to find a place of calm, anywhere at anytime!

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