Oisin The Brave Robot Island

Oisin The Brave Robot Island is the second book in the Oisin The Brave series. It’s written by Galway authors Derek Mulveen & Michelle Melville. The bright & whimsical illustrations are by Valerie Bouthyette & Derek Mulveen.

Oisin & his dragon Orane find a little robot washed up on the beach who tells them that they must find a golden key. The little robot is very weak & says that the key will save the robots on robot island. The book chronicles their adventures while they search for the golden key. The book reminds me of Gulliver’s Travels as the two set sail & encounter different islands & various creatures on their mission to save the robots.

oisin the brave robot island3

The battery at the top right shows how much power is left for the robots. The power level drops as the story goes along. The golden key is needed to repower the robots.

oisin the brave robot island 2

My kids really enjoyed the book. They listened really carefully to the story & were captivated by the bright illustrations. They were concerned if the “baby robot” would be okay. Luckily there is a happy ending & Oisin saves the day. There are a couple pages that could be worrying to a sensitive child so I personally wouldn’t use it as a bedtime story.

oisin the brave robot island 1

The book celebrates the Irish language without being confusing for a non-Irish reader like myself. The majority of words are in English, but character & place names are Irish. And, there are a few pages at the back of the book with colorful drawings that are labeled in both English & Irish. My boys really loved this map & telling me the names of everything in Irish.

oisin the brave robot island 4

Overall we really enjoyed reading Oisin The Brave Robot Island & are happy to add a book that encourages the Irish language to our collection.

Disclosure: We were very kindly gifted five copies of Oisin The Brave Robot Island in exchange for an honest review; as always, all opinions are my own.

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