Our Christmas 2017

We had a relaxing and chilled out Christmas holidays this year. The kids were home for two full weeks and went back to school yesterday. I loved having them at home but at the same time, it’s good to get back into a routine.

I took the two weeks off from the blog for the most part. I did keep up with some social media and launched a campaign about safety in the home with Fairy Non Bio (ad).  Besides that, I left Cuddle Fairy aside and enjoyed some quality family time.

It really was a chilled out Christmas. We enjoyed Christmas day as a family of five. We had roast beef, potato & veg for dinner. We went to my sister in law’s for St. Steven’s day celebrations. And we had the family to ours for New Year’s Eve.

Besides the few parties, our Christmas was filled with lazy days and frosty walks.

This Christmas holiday marks the first time I’ve had a lay-in since having kids! It was glorious lol Our youngest is four, she will turn 5 in February. And she decided