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Positivity Focus Week 12: Your Mindset is Everything

Over the next 12 weeks, I will be presenting an aspect of positivity or mindfulness for us to focus on. These are all topics that I am working on myself and focusing on myself to achieve a happier mindset and calmer state of being. I’ll have a blog post each week and then quotes on my social media networks to support that week’s theme. For more support, join my Positivity Facebook Community. The 12 weeks will all be on my Positive Thinking Page.

Welcome to the final week of my 12-week positivity focus! I am really delighted with the positive response that my positivity focus has received! And I hope you have found a positive change or two by reading and focusing on one aspect each week.

Next week I’m going to put together a recap of the 12 weeks so you can go through and catch up on any weeks you missed or go back and focus on a week that you want to focus on again. It takes time and effort to make a change to your mindset so keep up the good work.

Your Mindset is Everything

When I think back over the past 12 weeks and what we have focused on, like concepts of gratitude, self-care and spreading kindness, there is one string that binds every concept together and that is this – your mindset is everything. And I really mean everything.

When we are in a negative headspace we are down on ourselves, thinking critically of how we look, what we say and even where we work. And we view the world around us with this cloud of negative thinking. Things are difficult, we struggle. That negative cloud attracts more negative to us and our perception of the world as being difficult for us gets validated.

When we are in a positive headspace we make a conscious effort to think positively of ourselves and others. Sure we slip sometimes but we recover and keep ourselves in a positive space. The world around us is a great place to be, things happen as they are meant to and our cloud of positivity attracts more positive to us and our perception of the world as a great place to be gets validated.

When we realize that it’s our choice what we think then we realize the power that we truly have! It is your choice if you want to carry that cloud of positivity or one of negativity. It’s your choice what you allow your mind to focus on.

the person you are destined to become law of attraction

The Law of Attraction

This concept is called The Law of Attraction. Basically, what you put out, you attract back to yourself. Think of yourself as a magnet that attracts like with like. If you are in that negative cloud then you will pull in more negative stuff and vice versa with the positive.

I won’t get into more details about the law of attraction, you can google it or read the linked article above for more about it. When you accept that this law exists, then you can start to create the kind of life you want for yourself by focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

So back to the magnet, if we are thinking about what we don’t want to happen, guess what – we draw it to us! So think about what you WANT to happen and draw that to you instead.

law of attraction

The Power of Positivity

Positive thinking gives you the power to have a positive life. By focusing your mindset on the positive, you attract more positive and you also will feel happier with yourself and those around you!

By focusing on the various concepts within positivity we can help train our mind to stay present, to see the good and to not get hung up on thinking about what we don’t want or what has upset us or what is worrying us.

So for this week, know that what you think, you attract to yourself. If you want to attract good, positive energy then put that out into the world. It’s a constant and continuous decision to choose positivity. Make that your focus this week.

make a continuous decision to choose positivity

I have some quotes lined up as always for you, so follow Cuddle Fairy on my social networks below.

Also, I have a regular hour of positivity on Twitter every Monday from 9-10pm GMT. Use #PositivityCorner to join the conversation with myself, @CuddleFairy & @eumom. It’s an hour of positive chat and we have prizes up for grabs too!


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