Positivity Week 1: You are More than Just your Body

Over the next 12 weeks, I will be presenting an aspect of positivity or mindfulness for us to focus on for the week. These are all topics that I am working on myself and focusing on myself to achieve a happier mindset and calmer state of being. I’ll have a blog post each week and then quotes on my social media networks to support that week’s theme. For more support, join my Positivity Facebook Community. Posts from the 12 weeks will all be on my Positive Thinking Page.

From birth, we are identified with our bodies. Everyone tells our parents who we look like and we begin to identify ourselves as our body. And as we grow up we hear who we act like – a parent or grandparent. We are defined by our bodies and how we act.

The media supports the perfect body and there is a lot of pressure to have a body that looks a certain way. We think a lot about our bodies, how we look, what we’d like to change and we let that define who we are.

We also define ourselves by our thoughts and feelings, by how we react to situations. We believe that’s what makes us who we are. What makes us unique individuals.

You are more than what your body looks like and what your body can do. You are so much more than a body.

Everyone has their own beliefs about the unseen and spirituality. So I’ve been hesitant to put my own thoughts out there on Cuddle Fairy as to not offend anyone. But when it comes to having a positive mindset, for me, the ultimate base for positivity is the knowledge that I am more than my thoughts, body & emotions. That I am a speck of light or a spirit or a soul, however, you want to think of it. That I am something separate from my body, and that something is beautiful and special.

By identifying myself with my light within rather than my thoughts, emotions or body, I realize that I can change these things. I am not defined by my thoughts and emotions. They don’t make me who I am. They are things that I can change.

Quiet the mind & the soul will speak

Identifying myself as a spiritual being, a speck of eternal light makes me feel happier and more positive. And it has helped me in my journey to change my thoughts and feelings.

Sitting quietly for just a minute or two lets our mind settle and our soul speak. With this simple step, you can meditate for a few minutes at any time in any place to calm the mind and center yourself.

For me, this understanding is the basis of everything so it felt incomplete to start a positivity journey without starting at the foundation – that we are much more than our bodies. Quieting the mind can allow the soul to speak. If this concept doesn’t resonate with you, simply focus on centering yourself and quieting the mind. Allow yourself to get in touch with your inner thoughts, feelings & calm.

So for week one, let’s take a few minutes each day to center ourselves and feel calm. Quiet the mind by focusing on our breathing. Recognize that we are much more than our bodies, thoughts, and emotions. Ideally, this will be a dedicated few minutes each day, but if you don’t have the time one day then do it while you are commuting to work or exercising or doing the dishes.

Follow Cuddle Fairy for more positivity with this week’s focus on seeing ourselves as much more than our bodies. And in that, finding calm.

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