Positivity Week 2: Love Yourself First

Over the next 12 weeks, I will be presenting an aspect of positivity or mindfulness for us to focus on. These are all topics that I am working on myself and focusing on myself to achieve a happier mindset and calmer state of being. I’ll have a blog post each week and then quotes on my social media networks to support that week’s theme. For more support, join my Positivity Facebook Community. The 12 weeks will all be on my Positive Thinking Page.

Week one’s positivity post focused on the idea that you are more than your body, thoughts, and emotions. That you have an inner light or a soul within that makes you uniquely you. This is the root of positive thinking for me.  I find it really helpful to take a few minutes each day to focus on that inner self and find the calm within.

This week we are still focusing on this inner self, this light within and we are going to give it some love! Actually, we are going to give all of us some love. Love for our mind, body, feelings, thoughts, and soul! BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT!


The media inundates us with unachievable perfection. And that is what it is – UNachievable perfection. Seeing perfect bodies or successful people can make us feel bad about how we look or what we have achieved in life. But we have to remember that what you see in the media isn’t a reflection of reality.

To love ourselves sometimes we have to strip away current thoughts about ourselves that we have acquired over our life. Thoughts that we don’t look good or certain aspects of our bodies don’t look nice. Or that we aren’t clever enough, didn’t achieve enough success and so on.

The only person that can stop you from mentally putting yourself down is YOU. You have to make the choice to think positively about yourself and to love yourself! Because you deserve your love as much as anyone else does.

So this is what we are going to do…


Each of these points has so much value. Take a few minutes to truly reflect on each point from the list and do what it says. Accept yourself – release negative feelings and focus on all of your good points. Forgive yourself for things you aren’t happy you did or things that went wrong. Let it go. Run through each point and release contrary feelings as you go along.

Loving yourself will help you to make better choices for yourself like setting boundaries, eating healthier, and avoiding situations or people who bring you down. You deserve to be cared for and loved. And the best person to care for you and to love you is YOU!


Start loving yourself today. Don’t wait to make changes or to better yourself in any way. You deserve your love right now, as you are. You don’t have to be perfect to deserve love!!

As you begin to love yourself and value yourself, you will find it easier to set boundaries and respect yourself.

love yourself to set boundaries quote

So for week 2, continue to take a moment or two each day to find your inner self and a calm space like we started last week. If you have a busy day, you can do this while you are doing dishes or having a shower. Just focus inwards to a calm place. This week we will add into that a focus on loving yourself, forgiving yourself, valuing yourself like the quote above says. Strip away that negative inner voice and think good things about yourself because you deserve your love. Follow this simple step to meditate anywhere at any time.

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